Joyce Manor drift back to the forefront with new single Million Dollars to Kill Me

Finally, after what feels like forever, Joyce Manor are back with a new single and some exciting news. Since the release of Cody in 2016, the band have built a substantial following as they have relentlessly toured their music. Latest single, Million Dollars to Kill Me marks the start of a new era of the band. Their fifth studio album, which will share its name with this single, is due on the 21st September via Epitaph Records. With this in mind, I was intrigued to see how the band’s latest offering would stack up against the rest of their killer discography.

I was immediately struck by the single’s positive and moderately upbeat nature, something that has been a bit of a theme among the newer Joyce Manor releases. Despite this, elements of the track still pay homage to the band’s earlier sound. The address of the lyrics, delivered with some spite, give you a vintage Joyce Manor flavour. Lyrics such as “she’s the only one that could take you to a pawn shop and sell you for twice your worth” really help to build the vintage sound of this track. Each lyric has a clear address but never gives the listener too much, leaving you to constantly second guess what they might allude to with every listen. With the quoted lyric acting as the hook of the song, this works well to keep each listen fresh. Similarly, the lackadaisical riff that guides us through the track is as indeterminate as the lyrical work. Nothing about this song feels forced, and although it feels as though it doesn’t do a whole lot, you will be wanting to spin it over and over again.

The video released with this single gives the whole piece a nostalgic feel, its karaoke home-film style really adds to the ambience of the single. Watching the on-screen lyrics bounce from white to yellow, perfectly in time with the vocals of Barry Johnson, is quite addictive. It also helps add to the whimsical, drifting nature of the single. I am very excited to see where their new album will go. With the lead single sharing its name with the LP, you would think that this track will reflect the nature of the release, but we will have to wait and see. Joyce Manor never take themselves too seriously, they just make great tunes.

3.75/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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