Offering an impressive mixture of heavy punches and rhythmic swings, Fine Creatures release exciting new debut EP Electric La La Land.



It is fair to say that Fine Creatures have made an impression with their debut EP Electric La La Land by offering up a thrilling exploration of indie-rock. As their first collective release, the EP aims to lay down the primary features of the band’s style and successfully express their many dimensions of sound. The EP does all this and more, presenting to the audience a well-structured and vibrant collection of tracks.

The EP is structured well, despite its reuse of pre-released material which is somewhat disappointing. Out of the five tracks, four of them have been released as singles. The only new effort is Money which sits perfectly as an introduction. It has a punch from the outset which really helps the audience get to grips with the band’s tone, setting up for the more potent and heavy tracks – such as Panthers and Get Up – that come later. It is clear that Fine Creatures have deliberately placed lighter tracks such as Settle Down and Birthday Cake where they are in the EP to offer the audience a break from the fast-paced momentum of the work. As an outro, Birthday Cake sits as soundly as the introductory track. The song packs as much clout as earlier songs but swaps out the heavy elements for a larger focus on rhythm, technical chord movement and riffs. This offers a more satisfying and lingering melodic outro which makes you want to come back and listen again.

Fine Creatures

Fine Creatures’ work has showcased that they have a blueprint to their sound, notably formed from their vocals and guitar tones, but also have moments of deeper experimentation. Like Birthday Cake, the song has a large focus on its rhythm and technical aspects but also offers a slower and more gradual, swaying structure. When it was released as a single, the song seemed to be a statement of expression for their diversifying sound. Similarly, Panthers clearly sits as the central track and it all makes a little more sense. The quality and catchy nature of this track is suddenly explained, and its infectious melody gains a new dimension within this structure. Fine Creatures has clearly taken a lot of time to construct their songs as individual entities, but also to fit together in a certain order.

This care is reflected by the overall quality of the EP’s sound and composition. As their debut release, Electric La La Land is an exciting example of their potential. The beat, tempo and overall sound is incredibly upbeat and clearly reflects their enthusiasm to grow and expand. It is evident that the band have taken care over the construction of this release, creating an impressive debut for their (hopefully) long-lived career.

4/5 Bytes.

George Knight.


You can listen to Electric La La Land here:

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