Trust us on this – you won’t have heard anyone like The Imaginary Hat.

Just as we were waiting for the cultural pendulum to swing us back to the 90s, it instead hurtled us back towards the 20s with The Imaginary Hat’s new EP Age of Anxiety. Complete with folk-indie roots and a relatively healthy dripping of swing jazz, The Imaginary Hat are an ultimately unique four-piece that are quickly climbing to critical acclaim by cementing themselves in the contemporary punk-jazz genre.

Since their conception in 2014, the band have been steadily growing a humble fanbase across the South by adding more unconventional instruments to their line-up, such as a clarinet and a saxophone. Boasting a formidable troupe, the uniqueness doesn’t stop with the bands 20s theme and sound. Frontman Luke Fraser has a bombastic and colourful vocal tone – it’s flamboyant, proud, and outlandish. Alongside his impressive guitar ability, which takes inspirations from multiple generations and styles of music, his overall craftsmanship lends itself wonderfully to the 20s vibe the band have going on. Coupled with the lively yet vintage beats provided by Sam Dimond on bass and Phil Joyce on drums, their sound is infused with a steady brass section supplied by Nick Smith and Oscar Ives-Owen. Unfortunately, this new EP does see the departure of Smith from the band and his presence will be sorely missed.

Each piece of this 5-track EP is distinct and unique, from the upswing jive of Tick, Tick, Tick to the rambunctious and primal effort of Monkey Glands. The bass-heavy, steady grind of Right Side perfectly contrasts the opening track Pretty Little Features. The EP ends with a bluesy piece titled Until One of Us Dies (the ending to which is bloody fantastic). These songs are all brilliant, distinct, and incomparable. The EP is bursting with colour making it terminally delightful and infectiously vivid.

The EP officially launches on the 13th July on all the normal music platforms with a launch party show booked at the Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney – a show you won’t want to miss. In a world of overly-saturated, generic songs, let The Imaginary Hat whisk you away into a realm of exceptional uniqueness.

5 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins
Listen here

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