Pale Waves release their new single ‘Noises’, but is it what the fans want to hear?

Pale Waves are a band that I have unfortunately struggled to make a real connection with, which is a shame considering that their brand of music should be well up my alley. I have dabbled in their discography and have (thus far) struggled to find their hook, which has left me with no real emotional connection. That said, Pale Waves are rapidly gaining more and more traction day by day as the hype for their debut album builds. Regularly, fans on Twitter sing the band’s praises and, after witnessing the support for their newest single, it was only right that I checked it out.

‘Noises’ focuses on insecurities about yourself, its lyrics tackle problems held by people with low self-esteem and anxiety surrounding themselves. The second verse of the song is where the band’s vocalist creates a personal connection – “Heather, you’re stupid”. It makes the whole message of the track so much more powerful by creating that personal aspect. The song is also lined with the whispers of Heather Baron-Gracie – “look at me” – creating an intimate and altogether powerful message throughout the piece.

‘Noises’ has given me that hook I was craving for with Pale Waves’ other tracks. It gives that bit more in areas that previous ventures had fallen short. I’m sure many of you reading this will be aware of what Pale Waves are about and have probably already experienced this hit. Nonetheless, I must highly recommend this song. I’m eagerly anticipating the next Pale Waves release and, hopefully, it continues to strike the same chords as this single.

4.5/5 Bytes

Jamie Law.

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