New track Panthers by 4-piece Fine Creatures comes as the debut single for their upcoming EP Electric La La Land, set for release on 27th July 2018. The highly anticipated EP is said to feature this and many other exciting tracks, all laced with the band’s distinct alternative rock style. Bringing in various elements of psychedelic rock, as well as harder, heavier elements from grunge and combining them with an indie overtone, their style comes together perfectly.

Like their other two releases, Settle Down and Birthday Cake, Fine Creatures infuse Panthers with the same indie rock vibes which define their style, whilst also introducing some more rhythmic and catchy riffs that really help the song grip audiences. The slow dulled intro, with the distant lyrics that slowly build into a burst of momentum, give us a killer chorus. The song’s structures, with lulls in the verses, really helps the tracks overall movement, with builds and sudden jolts in energy – the song has a danceable feel about it. The audience can move with the track whilst appreciating the depth of the lyrics.

As frontman James Hall describes, the track is based upon an abstract view for an all-male group. ‘Panthers is written from a girl’s perspective, one who is feeling really isolated and is searching for something to believe in. The song is about the conflict of trying to fit in and be yourself at the same time.’ The song’s hard-hitting lyrics are emotional and match perfectly with the frequent rises and falls in the chord sequences. Panthers expressive focus is seemingly fundamental to all Fine Creatures music and suggests that tracks in their upcoming EP will be of a similar vein. Focusing on isolation and identity in our increasingly connected world, this track is littered with heavy punches of sound and vibrancy which work wonderfully as fitting accompany. Fine Creatures are here to make an emotional impact, and this is fully evident with Panthers.

Panthers showcases a new sound and tone which Fine Creatures plan to introduce to the Rock and Indie scene. My hopes for the EP have only grown with the sublime execution of Panthers. For these young hopefuls, it feels as though their EP couldn’t come quick enough.

4/5 Bytes

By George D. Knight

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