Metal rockers from down under storm into the limelight with their new single, the thunderous Run.

In the magical land of Oz, a storm is brewing – helmed by theatre veteran Virginia Lillye, the triumphant eponymous Lillye have had a stunning year after winning numerous awards including a Global Music Award and receiving nominations for Australian Independent Music Awards. Lillye are raiding the world’s stage. Releasing their new LP ‘Evolve’ last month, the band are clearly on the rise, and now is as good a time as any to examine their work.

Run is the lead single from ‘Evolve’. It’s video, directed by Dave Molland and Max Greig, is an amusing and entertaining affair, showcasing the band’s light-hearted side in contrast to their passionate and fiery music. It works well and certainly adds to the charm of the piece overall.

The single feels empowering and has a furious vibe behind Lillye’s vocal strength. Her voice is powerful and distinct, fitting well with the entire band’s sound – fierce and compelling, Lillye’s vocals could be amongst the strongest in the genre. Unfortunately, the lyrics behind Run don’t have enough bite, evidenced within the chorus (“Sky is falling better run, run. Tide keeps turning over run, run.” These simple lyrics reoccur within the chorus a bit too often for my taste.

Matt Ellis’ guitar power coupled with roaring drum beats from Bennet Livingston and the resonating bass supplied by Christian Lauria form a solid foundation for Lillye to stand upon, but upon multiple listens it becomes clear that the beat is quite simple in Run. It appears as though Lillye (the band as a whole) really need to set their pace together and find their own unique and distinct sound to make them stand out as they deserve to.

With that being said, the rest of the album is cracking. Go check it out on Spotify and prepare to add another band to your metal playlist; they rock pretty hard.

3 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins
You can catch Lillye here;
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