Trees, tunes and all things in-between. We sit down to discuss 2000trees with GLOO ahead of the release of their new album A Pathetic Youth.

GLOO are one of the hottest prospects in the scene right now. The three-piece hailing from Littlehampton seem to have arrived with a bang, bringing with them huge tunes fuelled by angst and a frustration with the everyday mundanity of where they have come from. The first single, taken from their upcoming album A Pathetic Youth (due on the 6th July 2018), has gained mass critical acclaim. Featuring on BBC Radio 1 and Kerrang! Radio, Holiday has given listeners something to be hopeful for. It is pulsing and gives the listener a real flavour of what the band are about – making loud and fun music. The video has a ‘home-film’ style to it and really captures the essence of the band and the song. Fingers crossed that if their new album is even half as vigorous as this single, we will be in for a treat. With the record being recorded in the Smalltown American Studios in Northern Ireland, the band have discussed how they only had a handful of songs ready when they received the call from the studio. In a rush, they curated the remaining songs on the album. The band have explained how the pressure forced out some “serious bangers” and didn’t give them enough time to labour over refining the songs.

Their tracks are infective and abrasive; they demand to be heard. With this in mind, we turned our attention to the band’s upcoming performance booked on the stacked, 2018 2000trees line-up. After featuring in our very own ‘Threes for Trees’ article, we are very excited to see what the band are going to bring to The Axiom. We were able to catch up with GLOO about their upcoming set at the festival, check it:

1) What is your favourite festival memory?

It would have to be at trees when Hundred Reasons headlined and did Ideas Above Our Station in full. One of my favourite bands playing one of my favourite albums. I was horrendously ill after the weekend, but it was well worth it.

2) What, to you, makes 2000trees special?

Probably the fact that they’re putting us on the bill. We’ve always wanted to be playing the festivals so for them to take a punt on us is proper cool.

3) Which song are you looking forward to playing the most?

Safe to say we all love playing Let Me Have Some. It is just relentless but in a nice way. It comes at a sweet spot in the set as well, where we aren’t too fucked yet!

4) Why should people come and check you out?

This is our first proper festival show and we intend to put on the kind of performance that’ll guarantee we get more. Plus, it’s not good playing to no-one.

5) How would you like your set to be remembered?

That band that no-one knew of, but now they can’t forget.

6) Which other acts are you excited to see?

Hell is for Heroes is an absolute must and will be cool to see bands we have played with like Phoxjaw and Ladybird. Let’s just hope we don’t clash time wise.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!


You can catch GLOO on their upcoming tour dates:
22nd June – Bar 42, Worthing
13th July – 2000trees, Cheltenham
3rd August – Wickham Festival, Wickham


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