The boys from Kent present a prime rhyme for the summertime.

Cross-legged in front of the radio, waiting eagerly. It’s not often I get this excited for new music, but Slaves have had me hooked ever since their album Are You Satisfied? in 2015. Since then, Vincent and Holman have provided the soundtrack for summers and piss-ups aplenty with personal favourites such as White Knuckle Ride and Hey. Their new single Cut and Run hits hard with Vincent’s solid riff slapping me out of winter hibernation and Holman letting me know just how unwell I look. The song was supposedly written by the lads after a Conservative Party canvasser knocked on their door, much to their disapproval. In the music video, the lads donned sweatbands and running shorts to give us a glimpse of the accompanying dance routine. Don’t get me wrong it’s no Cha Cha Slide but it could be worse. It reminds me of the moves seen from dodgy dads in musty Maidstone pubs at 2 in the morning. All in all, however, Cut and Run has me buzzing for Slaves’ new album if this track is anything to go by.

My only concern is if Slaves’ go a little soft. Although it’s natural for artists to change their styles to develop, part of what I love about these two lads is their psychotic, unpredictable nature, which is especially obvious when seeing them live. Being front and centre for their headline set at 2000 Trees last year really gives you the full force of their performance and their music in its raw, unadulterated form. As soon as the set started with How’s Amelia, I knew the cobwebs from the past 3 days of drinking too much and sleeping too little had been well and truly blown away. Vincent claimed on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show yesterday that Slaves’ new album was moving towards the sort of music that could be played in clubs, which at very least should be interesting to hear after loving their Radio 1 live lounge covers of Go by The Chemical Brothers and The Hills by The Weeknd. Some love Isaac’s geezer-like vocals accompanying Laurie’s simplistic madness on the guitar, while others, however, appear to turn their noses up at them, making Slaves a bit ‘marmite’. I, however, love what Slaves have done so far and will happily take them in all their yeasty, salty glory. Nice one boys, cheers xx

4/5 Bytes.

Josh Crouch.



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