The London synth-pop scene just got a lot more affectionate with World Machine’s latest single

The nostalgic pendulum keeps swinging, bringing with it a celebrated return of synth-pop to the mainstream music scene. Many emerging bands have been experimenting with the genre, receiving mass critical acclaim for their craft – one only needs to look at The 1975’s path to success for example – are marking the beginning of a new wave of synth pop.

World Machine have been releasing singles since 2017; all seven of them are available on their Spotify right now. Their latest release, Affection, is a strong addition to their discography. Reminiscent of She’s American, the song has a genuine and flamboyant beat, perfectly matching the pink theme of the single’s video and cover art. World Machine carry a weight of L’art pour l’art with their film noir influences, the spoken-word ending to this song reflects New Wave French Cinema, which is neat.

Of course, with every relatively new band, there are a few kinks that need to be ironed out. My one and only major criticism with this piece is the vocal tone. Jack Shea’s singing ability is impressive but sometimes becomes sickly sweet, especially during the high-pitched backup parts scattered throughout the song. With a bit of ‘umph’ and a genuine crack at echoing the greats of the 80s, this critique would be quickly nullified.

Affection is a lucid dream in music – it’s ethereal vibe is hard to miss and is definitely a bop. With a little bit of fine tuning, World Machine might find themselves a staple in, what is fast becoming, an evolving genre. If you, like me, find yourself itching for more synth in your life, you need to catch this infectious group as soon as you can.

3 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins
You can catch World Machine here;–P6y6nu4JZXw
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