Not content with resting easy after the release of Devolver, Jamie Lenman is back with two brand-new singles.

Long Gone.

A runtime just shy of 2 minutes and a guest feature from Employed To Serve vocalist Justine Jones were a couple of early indicators that this song would be no less than a breakneck hardcore riot. The song’s opening note viscerally erupts from Jones’ throat and obliterates any cobwebs that may be lingering around. Soaring atop of an uncomplicated yet devastatingly whirlwind riff from Lenman’s 6-string, Jones’ vocals deservedly take centre stage for the majority of this track. Throughout the verses, it is Jamie Lenman who actually delivers the respite here – perhaps an unfamiliar dynamic from the voice of someone that we are so used to riling us up.

Much akin to the songs exhibited on the Muscle section of 2013’s Muscle Memory, this is clearly the heaviest track that Lenman has released since. That being said, the beauty of this song lies in its simplicity. The distinct, repeated hook of the chorus and relatively straightforward structure are elements that can be plucked from Devolver, a record that was perhaps more linear and less divisive than Muscle Memory. Enough comparison. In itself, Long Gone is a breathtakingly callous trip that will rattle you in all the right ways. Make sure you have a bounce to this one.

Check out the video for Long Gone here:


A creative re-imagining of Devolver’s titular closer, Irrelevant also showcases talent from one of Lenman’s peers, this time in the form of Arcane Root’s Andrew Groves. Sonically, Arcane Roots have demonstrated a slight shift in dynamic by flaunting intense synthetic odysseys on last year’s triumphant Melancholia Hymns. Groves’ influence on Irrelevant is unmistakable as we are guided through the song by the very same velvety synths that Arcane Roots fans should now be accustomed to. Additionally, his vocals complement Lenman’s beautifully. Having seen the two link up during a performance of Little Lives at 2000trees in 2016, the chemistry had already become apparent.

While, in terms of lyrics and melody, this song doesn’t offer too much in the way of ‘new’ material, it is encouraging to see Lenman explore further avenues within his profession. Choosing to shirk the gritty voice exhibited on Long Gone, Lenman instead irons his cords out for a smoother vibe – the kind that matches Groves’ delivery when he too isn’t belting his lungs out. It’s a soft, measured venture that does at points feel drawn-out and slightly flat. Perhaps this is down to the fact that we have heard the meat and potatoes of the song before. Nonetheless, you must hear this one for the harmonies alone – it’s always a treat to hear two giants of the industry join forces.

4/5 Bytes.

 If you’re quick, you may be able to get your hands on a limited vinyl press of Long Gone/Irrelevant by ordering here.

Also, make it your mission to see Jamie Lenman tear it up at one of the following dates:
10th June – Download Festival
13th July – 2000trees Festival
21st July – Tramlines Fringe
16th Aug – ArcTanGent Festival
8th Sep – Rocked Up Hootenanny

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