Real Friends are back with another new single. The release of Get By marked a new era for the band – the long-awaited third LP. Real Friends have a large following in the pop-punk community, their off-beat charm and rough around the edges vocals set them apart from the ‘generic’ label that is branded on a lot of bands in the scene. I was hoping that From the Outside would be as engaging as Get By and really amp up the Real Friends hype before the release of their new album.

The song begins with a bit of bounce to it. Bopping through a few bars, the vocals Dan Lambton chime in with their characteristically illuminating allure. From the beginning, you get the feeling that this song is building to something. The melody of the chorus is the highlight of the song. The infectious hook, as it often does with most Real Friends songs, rings loud in your head long after hearing it. However, this track is a little different. Its upbeat nature is refreshing to hear among the other tracks in the band’s discography. The refrain “from the outside, I seem fine” is where the vocals of Lambton really grab you. The melody is such that by the time we hear both “outside” and “fine” as lyrics, his vocals have already begun dancing through a series of notes. However, this song is more than just a catchy chorus with a banging melody. The message of the piece appears to be an important one. The lyrics seem to focus on Lambton struggling to decipher the different good and bad influences in his life, and how an individual can look fine on the surface without even contemplating what is going on within. Following the announcement of their international tour being cancelled earlier this year, I can’t help but feel that this is a very personal issue to the band. It is liberating to hear musicians use their medium to so eloquently discuss difficult topics such as this.

The song is littered with moments of concise flair. The bassline is essential in this track, providing a real spring to the song. It comes to the foreground towards the close, where it gets a few seconds of the spotlight to itself. The guitars and drums are similarly upbeat and give the piece a really positive feel. I like how this contrasts the message of the song, giving the piece a message of understanding that things get better in the end. This coupled with the visually stimulating video, which sees the band and actors frolicking in front of an ever-changing colour makes for an interesting dynamic.

This song is great. Much like the video, the song has a light, summery feel to it but also gives the listener the Real Friends bite that fans expect from the band. I am sure that this song will only grow on me further the more that I listen to it. I am very excited for the release of the album and what Real Friends have been working on.

Check the video out here:

3.5/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite

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