As the pink era came to a close at Latitude last year, now we finally have a glimpse into the future of The 1975 with single Give Yourself a Try.

The 1975 are back with their first single in over two years. It comes in support of their latest album, which has sent social media into a meltdown. Fans came out in numbers to listen to exactly what The 1975 had to say about the ambiguous release of this track on BBC Radio One. It is rumoured that so many people tuned in that the web app crashed, leaving fans unable to hear what was being said. The big news was that their latest album was not to be titled Music For Cars – as was first thought – but instead will come in the form of two separate LPs over the span of 2018 ———- 2019. It turns out that the clue had been hiding under our noses the whole time! Posters around London had been hinting at the band’s dual release for some months. A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships is due for release in October and Notes on a Conditional Form is meant to be released in May 2019. The announcement of these albums was crowned with this new single, Give Yourself a Try. We’re just as eager to see what the band has in store but the tour isn’t going to commence until January 2019.

My anticipation was at an all-time high whilst I was waiting for this new track, excited to hear what the band had in store. As the song kicks in, you become aware that the tempo is extremely fast. The distorted guitar that greets us into the song is almost off-putting at first but grows on you the more that you listen to it. The nature of the track means that it is extremely catchy. Three chords are repeated and mixed with an infectious chorus hook to give the song its radio merit. However, there is more to the song than just this. The verses are layered with meaningful lyrics about growing up and the anxiety that surrounds it.

I believe that, as a whole, this song serves its purpose extremely well. It gets straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush. Lyrics such as “because you’ll move somewhere sunny and get addicted to drugs” pay homage to this. In a recent interview with DIY Mag, it became known that Matty went to Barbados for rehab because he “didn’t want to make a record as a junkie”. As a listener, I have a lot of respect for this and am glad he was able to sort himself out.

This song itself will be played on the radio, that is for sure, and The 1975 will receive more traction than ever before. Much like Love Me which was first released before I Like it When You Sleep Because You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, this song caught me off guard and took time to adjust to it. However, as always it is a triumph. I couldn’t recommend a band any higher than The 1975 and I believe the Music For Cars-era is going to be something truly special. Let’s all jump aboard and drive off into the horizon.

4.5/5 Bytes

By Jamie Law & Daniel Baker


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