Trophy Eyes’ pop out a single in anticipation of their newly-announced album with a hook that just keeps on giving.

This new Trophy Eyes single comes 6 months after their last – the opinion-splitting Hurt – (see our thoughts here: Hurt was a little softer and easier digested than other tracks from their discography which concerned some fans over the direction of the new album. Yet, with the release of You Can Count on Me to support the announcement of new album, The American Dream (out August 3rd), it is apparent that this record is set to be diverse and will entertain fans, both old and new.

There is no other place to begin reviewing this track than the first line that the listener is treated to when they press play – “Some of my friends sell drugs, I just sell sad songs” is lyrically poignant but, broadly speaking, is just an incredibly infectious hook. Its inclusion throughout the track provides a solid backbone that can be relied on either side of each verse. After each iteration of this line is a melodic collection of ‘ahhhs’. These are welcomed as they are actually a staple of Trophy Eyes’ sound – it’s familiar and I am fond of it.

The verses of this track are tumultuous lyrically and musically. Lead vocalist, John Floreani, touches on topics that are less common in the emo genre(s) nowadays. Often, it feels like lyricists look to write for the masses with content broadly brushed around love, despair and grief that, from my experience, can become tiresome. I find it really refreshing that Floreani sings of novel topics. At the end of the first verse, “Thanks to everyone that bought tickets to my shows, I put all the money that you spent right up my nose” is just one example that gives a great, unflinching insight into life behind the music in a rock band. The verses are also slightly turbulent in terms of pacing with the second verse being very different from the first and third in terms of the drum track and overall timbre. It leaves me feeling a little bit confused by the abrupt shifts in style. Yet, to some, this could be evidence of a diverse and engaging musical structure. Either way, we’re given a great sense of what Trophy Eyes are capable of.

Where this song comes into its own is after the third rerun of the incredibly catchy hook. We find ourselves listening to a verse in the style of the first, with a soft, low-octave vocal and a slower, drawn-out guitar part. My immediate impression was that this felt repetitive but what follows shows how important a solid bridge can be. The relaxed pace hastens as part of a crescendo, led by a transition to the heavier vocal of Floreani that is emblematic of Trophy Eyes’ sound (especially on their first EP and album). Following this, a lively guitar solo rings out that is short enough to prevent it being too ho-hum. It doesn’t feel like a solo forced into a song (this is so often the case) but rather a welcomed interlude that links the whole song together nicely. What it precedes is a final bout of the anthemic tagline of this tune (repeated a further two times for good measure) that is situated atop a chunkier, guitar-heavy instrumental than when it appeared earlier in the track. This is a good end to the song and I anticipate that when it comes to a close live, the audience will be enamoured to continue singing back that melody to its creator – it is simply that good.

This song evidences the ability that Trophy Eyes have to take what they’re good at and progress it forwards in their quest towards maturity. At times, this track can feel monotonous. It relies heavily on that catchy, slightly over-repeated, hook while the verses that flank it feel a little crammed with conflicting styles. However, this song is not sold on the verses but on a chorus that just keeps on giving and a diverse structure. There’s no doubt that with a hook this good, You Can Count on Me will be added to the Trophy Eyes’ mantelpiece of cracking tracks that everyone needs to hear live.

4/5 bytes

By Euan Dickson.
Check out the video for You Can Count on Me here:

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