Floating along in the sea of British indie-folk can either be perilous or smooth sailing, but Hazey Jane navigate it proficiently with Lifeboat.

This Hackney-based four-piece are anticipating the release of their newest EP and, to celebrate, they’ve released the title single ‘Lifeboat’ – a bobbing track that glides over feelings of a potential breakup. Boat-based puns aside, this song is a welcome addition to the new British summer. The fact that Lifeboat is light, smooth and easily digestible will surely make it enjoyable to anyone who listens.

The track tells a story that many of us can empathise with – a hard feat to achieve in just under five minutes. With the indie-folk scene in London growing exponentially over the past few years, Hazey Jane have found their stride and are well on their way to becoming a valuable member of the community. Their new EP is sure to set a high bar for the rest of their peers.

Hazey Jane have recently announced a few tour dates – if you’re around, you should absolutely be checking them out. I already get the feeling that their shows will be accompanied by good vibes and happy times. Their EP launch takes place on the 25th of May at The George Tavern in Whitechapel, before taking the stage at Hope Festival on the 27th. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter too, they’re announcing dates nearly every day!

To that extent, the Lifeboat single is entirely pleasurable. Here’s hoping the rest of the EP can maintain this high standard!

4.5 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.
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