After waiting five years for your chance to stay, how would you rate Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino on Trip Advisor?

Nearly a month after the UK went into total meltdown trying to get a very finite amount of tickets for their massive stadium tour, Arctic Monkeys are finally back with some new music. Their latest offering is their sixth studio album, but how does it stack up against the likes of AM and Favourite Worst Nightmare?

Before you delve into the album, a quick glance at the tracklist will let you know that this isn’t a typical Arctic Monkeys record. The band have been slightly more extravagant with the song titles on this one, with the likes of Ultra Cheese and The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip being some of the quaintest. Even Four Out of Five struck me as being slightly odd – well, that was before the video for the single informed me that receiving “four stars out of five is “unheard of”.

The sixth LP from the Sheffield band seems to have divided the band’s fanbase. Receiving mixed reviews, some seem confused and others have showered them with praise for branching out with their new sound. I understand both stances. The eleven tracks construct a very slow narrative which feels to have a reserved sound. However, the lyrics still feel abstract and fit the Alex Turner mould.

To be frank, I don’t think that this album should be compared to all that the band have released before. Their sound has come a long way since their debut in 2006. When the 1st of July comes around, and the band take to the TRNSMT festival stage in Glasgow – I must admit – I will be more excited to hear When the Sun Goes Down and Brainstorm than anything from Tranquillity Based Hotel and Casino. The band’s latest effort feels to lack the energy that they have built their name from.

3/5 Bytes.

Daniel Baker.


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