Amber Run give us one of the most emotionally driven EP’s in years.

One of my first WaveByte pieces was an Amber Run live review, and I remember how I felt when I left the gig. The review basically wrote itself. It was a beautiful show by Amber Run, one that to this day, almost a year on, I wish I could be back at. The band have long been a favorite of mine so when this EP was released I had no hesitation in giving it a spin. However, I was not prepared for what I was about to hear.

The Assembly consists of four songs, but runs for only 13 minutes. When I first listened to the EP I was on a train home, I got two songs in and found myself getting quite emotional. The first two songs The Weight and Heaven is a Place, are beautiful but do more. Simply, they build-up for the next, and best song on the EP, Amen.

I had already made my decision that the EP was unbelievably special before I got to Amen. However, when I reached this song, what I discovered was a magnificently raw track that tactically tackled very personal topics. This coupled with Joe Keogh’s voice made for an extraordinarily intimate listen, one that deemed me an emotional wreck on my train journey. Later, I showed my mother the same song and it reduced her to tears upon listening.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 11.52.11

The band have thanked fans on Twitter for the fantastic response that Amen has received. I believe it deserves all the critical acclaim it gets, because – when looking at it as a whole – for such a short EP to pack so much emotion is such an amazing feat. I couldn’t recommend Amber Run or The Assembly anymore to anyone who hasn’t heard of them before.

5/5 Bytes

Jamie Law.

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