China Bears return to the spotlight with their critically acclaimed single, Night Calls.

Night Calls released the other night (get it?) and it has already been picked up by several prestigious sources. Frank Turner, BBC Introducing, and other local radio stations have all shared the piece, and to be fair, they’re right to. This is a rad song – it’s boppy, summery, a little melancholic… what else could you want?

This single is the newest addition to an already outstanding discography by a relatively new band. Each piece seems like a perfectly intimate and fragile insight into the love life of frontman Ivan Proctor. Hydra is a catchy piece about fighting within a relationship, whereas Meet Me In London is the exact opposite, detailing passion and a feeling of romance. However, Night Calls is a piece of forlorn pining. Each song encompasses each motif perfectly, this makes it hard to listen to China Bears without thinking that the tracks were written for you.

In truth, Night Calls is perfectly written and produced, and it’s hard to find a legitimate criticism. It fulfils everything it sets out to do, but the only thing I can fathom to critique is the subversive climax that the song reaches. I kept waiting for it it to pop off and really let the emotion go, I wanted to thrash about in frustration and release my inner hopeless-romantic self. Instead, it stays relatively flat throughout, with the crescendo only really kicking into fourth gear. However, I do get the sense that if you were to catch this song live, you would enter a realm of incredible musicianship.

China Bears have provided us with a strong set of releases in recent months. I gave their previous singles high ratings (Hydra got a 4/5 and Meet Me in London got a perfect 5/5) and I was curious to see if they could maintain the high standards they set. My money is on that they will continue to do so – even though Night Calls may not be perfect, it’s still a colourful and charismatic display of the bands ability. It’s fantastic. With all said and done, you NEED to be listening to this band. Jump on the bandwagon early – you’re in for a smooth ride.

4 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.
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