State Champs return with infectious new track Dead and Gone.

State Champs have been busy since the release of their second album Around The World and Back in 2015. The band have released an acoustic EP which offered stripped back versions of some of the bigger songs on that record as well as touring their work relentlessly. Now, it is time for the next chapter of the band. Latest single Dead and Gone has been taken from the State Champs’ up and coming album Living Proof which is set for release on 15th June via Pure Noise. I was keen to see if they could reignite some of the magic seen on their first album.

The song opens with a very strong All Time Low vibe with background harmonies and “woos” intermittently squeezed between punching drums. It is an interesting start to the single. The opening verse features Derek DiScanio’s vocals laid over the sound of a hi-hat which keeps the pace. The song seems to take a while to get going which is disappointing from a band with such an electric calibre. However, the chorus is the absolute triumph of the song. State Champs have written many a track with a catchy hook, but this is by far their most infectious yet. Lines such as “I wanna breathe with ease again / I wanna get some fucking sleep again” will be ringing in your ears for a long time after listening. DiScanio’s vocals are central to the sound of the band and this song, once again, showcases this further. The man has got an impressive set of pipes on him. He lets his notes go at all the right points but holds onto them at crucial moments too. Musically, State Champs are incredibly tight and are very talented at their craft, but with the vocals of DiScanio thrown into the mix, there is no reason that they can’t blow up even further.

This is a good song. The band have come far since The Finer Things (which is a bit of a shame as someone who cherishes that album) but they are tapping into a very malleable audience and fair play to them. I see them destined for even bigger things and there is no doubt that if their album is anything like this single it will be received incredibly favourably. Approach this track with caution because once you start listening to it you won’t be able to stop.

3.75/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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