Introducing, Jangle Town. The enigmatic, vivid, self-described ‘garagepopband’ hailing from Sweden.

Over the past few weeks, the indie genre has truly been blessed. We’ve had some great news with the return of the Arctic Monkeys, the introduction of some new up and coming prospects in the genre, and a fair few bangers released. Jangle Town falls into the latter two categories as you wouldn’t be grilled very hard for admitting that you haven’t heard of these guys, but that’s no longer an excuse.

From what I could find online, Jangle Town have only released one other single. I found a song called Supper on their SoundCloud that was uploaded nearly a year ago now. It’s a slow bop to chill out to, but it’s nothing compared to their newest release, A Love So True. I regret not writing about these guys sooner, because this song deserves to have more attention drawn to it.

As their first official release, there’s a lot riding on A Love So True, as good reception to a first release can pave the way for the bands success. From what I can see, Jangle Town have hit the nail on the head. This is a solid first release and if the band stay on track then they’ll be sailing down a long and successful road.

Whilst this colourful, chill-yet-dancey single resonates with the band’s message – “we admire new bands for reinventing rock ‘n’ roll” – they need to ensure that they themselves are reinventing the genre, or at least playing a part in the reinvention. Playing with a genre can be hard, but it’s certainly doable. However, using a slightly repetitive chorus within a standard structure for a song isn’t really reinventing rock ‘n’ roll.

Still, with a mountain of potential, these Swede garage rockers have a long career ahead of them. Only time will tell how the mass audience will react to Jangle Town, but for now I can clarify that they’ve made a sturdy foundation for a fanbase to be built upon.

4 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins

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