milkd will take you on an intimate escape with their latest single Medicinal Love.

Delicate piano welcomes us to milkd’s latest track, Medicinal Love – a song that I had eagerly awaited since being introduced to the band recently. The notes dance whimsically until they are met with the opening lyric, and hook of the song, “it’s unconditional love, almost medicinal love”. It is a gorgeous introduction; the piano does a fantastic job of crafting an ambience that makes for an intimate listen. The vocals are a little more pronounced than those seen in their previous single Come Out (you can check out our review and interview with the band here: which gives the song a completely different flavour. The pacing of this track almost reminds me of some of The Xcerts’ slower numbers, it is not in a rush by any means but drags you through the song effortlessly and I think this is largely down to the vocals.

After we have rolled through a couple of verses and refrains of these lyrics, the song is brought to life by the gentle strumming of a guitar. It adds another layer to the song, something that the band have proved they are masters of. From here the pace of the track intensifies slightly but doesn’t do so in a way that alarms the listener. This song, to me, feels as though it is the result of a lot of meticulous songwriting. If anyone is dreaming of a summer break, this track will take you there early.

The stars of the show, however, are the soft harmonies that are littered throughout the song. Notes are held for just long enough to give you a flavour of what Will Langston’s vocals are all about – soothing and atmospheric. I must add that that doesn’t mean they are not strong, I feel that in this song, more so than in Come Out, he is given a little more freedom to flex his voice.

What I really enjoy about milkd’s music is how refreshing it sounds, listening to it is never a chore and it feels as though once you have experienced it once you want to reach that escapism again. Once again, the two-piece have managed to write a fantastically delicate song and I am sure after a few more listens my rating will have increased. Please support these guys.

4/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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