After the long-anticipated wait Fickle Friends hit us with their debut feature-length You Are Someone Else.  

The Brighton based indie pop group have been teasing us with singles since 2014, so upon hearing about the release of this album on the 16th of March, I was brimming with excitement. Fickle Friends are a band I have seen many times at various festivals, so I knew what the band were about before getting my hands on the album. However, I was left questioning was what more Fickle Friends can do with the remainder of their unheard tracks to really make the album pop off.

Many people may disregard Fickle Friends because of the sound of their music, it may be catchy and feel good, but I can imagine that they could be overlooked because of saturated nature of the genre. They tackle some serious issues through very personal lyrics, such as the struggles of anxiety and shitty relationships, yet do it in such a way it radiates happiness. Even the darker tracks on the album can be sung along to and are extremely relatable. The album gifts us thought-provoking music in a way that isn’t too overwhelming.

The band have pushed their music as being a form of medicine to get over your issues, something that this album succeeds at doing. The album packs a powerful message in a very digestible way, there are hits all over the place and I anticipate that this album will propel Fickle Friends to exactly where they deserve to be.

After hearing the full album, I truly can’t wait to be blessed by Fickle Friends at a live show soon, they always leave me with a smile on my face. I love that the band has so much room to still grow. I’ve said it before, but now I know for certain that 2018 is going to be a big year for Indie music and You Are Someone Else is going to be a forerunner of that movement.

Yes, at its core, it is pop music, but it doesn’t fall short where so many other pop albums do. It pops with meaning and has a feel-good dance vibe about it that hits you right in the feels. For this reason, you must give it a listen when it is released.

Here are some of the tracks from the album that I have individually reviewed
Hard To Be Myself –
Glue –

 4.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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