Relentless energy and an incredible atmosphere throughout, Astroid Boys truly deliver

Brighton’s infamous venue The Haunt was the host of the grime/punk 5-piece from Cardiff on Wednesday night. Having seen the Astroid Boys in support of Enter Shikari late last year, I knew I was in for a treat with them at the helm of their own show and following relatively tame support, the boys’ entrance injected some much-needed atmosphere into the room. The combination of original grime duo Benji Kendell and Phil ‘Traxx’ Davies, merged with the acoustic punch of drums and grungy guitars never fail to deliver, it is definitively something that the crowd goes wild for.

Astroid Boys are showmen, there wasn’t a point in their set where they didn’t look like they were having the time of their lives and again, it really radiated through their fans. Anecdotes from their recent international tour punctuated the gig whilst the guys leapt about the stage, demonstrating the real passion they have for music. It is clear that Astroid Boys write genuine and meaningful lyrics, demonstrating how the lads grew up, providing an insight into their roots.

JD and Coke in hand, Benji and Phil reeled off lyric after lyric in this non-stop performance, only displaying their stamina and how much they put into a show. Foreigners, a track based on discriminating police officers, obviously holds a lot of meaning to the boys and you could see this from the energy and power they put into the performance. This angst clearly rubs off onto the fans as the room lit up instantly, gun fingers raised.

The show came to an end and despite pleas from Benji who insisted that “you can’t play a song with the lyrics ‘it’s the year of the dragon’ when it’s the year of the goat”, the guys finished with Dusted, a punchy track which never fails to deliver. Grime is certainly not a genre I usually gravitate towards but the genre-blending 5-piece are true showmen and always give an incredible performance; the only disappointment of the evening was the support.

4.5/5 bytes

Fraser Wakeling

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