Fizzy Blood take their headline tour by storm, providing an exceptional performance and amazing experience for all involved.

Fizzy Blood have quickly risen to become a staple of modern alternative rock, fusing together elements of lighter indie styles, as well as maintaining stronger hardcore and punk elements. Their style fitted the small, but character-filled venue at the Camden Assembly incredibly well. As the last stop on their February Tour, the band blew away the audience with powerful performance.

The gig began with supporting artist Mantra, a three-piece act hailing from London. Their style matched the headliner perfectly, but also possessed a more mellow and almost psychedelic feel. Their own personal description: ‘emotive lyrics with haunting melodies, distorted guitars and thundering drums’ is probably the simplest way to describe them. As the first act, in a relatively small venue, Mantra had to face a small and indifferent audience, but their heavy style built an atmosphere of excitement and a movement that developed as the show progressed.

After a short wait, more people began to filter in and a yet large audience was introduced to the second and the heaviest act of the night, Forever Cult. with their impactful grunge and punk sound burst onto the scene, building on Mantra’s introduction and filled the room with movement. Taking advantage of the smaller space, the frontman occasionally jumped down from the stage into the audience and danced with them. His screaming vocals, up-close, evidently scared a few, but the bands jovial quips onstage and energetic behaviour really helped to make crowd loosen up. Their heavy sound also allowed for the beginnings of a mosh pit to open. Although relatively small, their strong presence generated enough anticipation to pull the audience close to the stage.

With Fizzy Blood’s performance looming, their recent rise in success began to loom on my mind. Considering their current platform, FB’s accession is astonishing. Forming out of previous pop-punk act, Lower Lands, the band released their first EP Feast in 2015 and have since risen to play with major bands like While She Sleeps and released their latest EP Summer of Luv to critical acclaim. Having personally been a fan of Lower Lands years ago, finding out about their split up was tragic; but discovering their revival in FB and seeing them play the Boileroom, Guildford my attitude was changed. Their friendly attitude really helps the audience feel connected and their epic performances leaves them feeling fulfilled. Often one could look across the room and see the band amongst the crowd talking to fans or at the merchandise stand selling and autographing. There interactions were unique and it was clear that they showed genuine care for their fans.

All these traits were present in their Camden performance. Beginning their set with a small instrumental recording, the audience quickly moved away from the bar and formed towards the front. The band soared onto the stage and instantly started their song I’m No Good. The dazzling series of lights behind them glowed red and created an atmosphere of energy. The anticipation for their performance suddenly transformed in movement and everyone began to dance. Their set list was a mixture of old and new. With a relatively small discography so far, Fizzy Blood were able to play tracks which everyone member of the audience received well. There organisation of songs was centred around this; my favourite song and their latest release CFO was second and was followed by an older ADHD. This mixture was clearly important to them, as frontman Benji often noted in his speeches throughout. The crowd cheered along to other FB classics such as Patience and Summer of Luv, with final song January Sun generating the most voice from the audience. Unlike Forever Cult, Fizzy Blood did not get off stage, but their stage presence alone was enough to entertain. The band were clearly enjoying themselves, and this only helped enthuse the already excited crowd.

A side from their released songs, FB also introduced a new track called Pink Magic, an interesting tune which deserves a review of its own. However, the track was a significant piece of their set and needs to be reviewed in short. Like their other recent release CFO, Pink Magic maintains the band strong indie-alternative sound, however it also holds pop-style lyrics, vocals and melodies. Its rhythm and pacing really helped get the audience engaged and allowed them to dance. This smooth tone is hopefully becoming a staple feature of their sound. CFO is brilliant as a rock song, but it also has other pop elements like lighter vocals that allow the audience to dance and hum along. This could clearly be noticed within the audience, with members even at the back, dancing to the songs beat.

Their performance reached its crescendo as they came to the end. The second to last song, Animals, formed the largest mosh-pit of the evening. Its heavy beat built the anticipation for the finalsong, January Sun. Perfect is the only word one can use to describe the placement of the setlist. Every member of the audience danced and sang along with the vocals and the emotion of every word could be felt. The intimate relationship that the band had been built throughout the performance culminated this final song. Benji’s final thank you was incredibly heartfelt and evidently resonated with the audience as cheers for an encore were electric and supported by a sudden rush to the merchandise table to meet the band in person.

Fizzy Blood’s performance was an incredible spectacle. Although I do want the band to grow, part of me wants them to never change. Their enthusiasm and their casual personality really aids their performance as it makes the audience feel welcome. The venue only heightened this sentiment. With its small size and the proximity to the band, the audience felt connected. Whereas in many larger venue, security parole a barrier in front of stage, the Camden Assembly took away all restrictions and allowed the audience to interact. Each song was perfect as the excitement you felt only matched the bands. Improving over previous performances, Fizzy Blood took their headline tour by storm, providing an exceptional performance and amazing experience for all involved.

5/5 bytes.

George D. Knight

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