Overlooked pages and a life in disarray, Like Pacific are back with their newest single Sedatives (PS. It won’t put you to sleep)

It is indisputable that Like Pacific are one of the most exciting bands in pop-punk right now. Mixing a blend of strained vocals, catchy hooks and punching musicianship, there is literally nobody that does it better. At their core, they are exciting and present themselves as being utterly wholesome, the perfect combination. Since the release of Distant Like You Asked in 2016, the band have been relentlessly touring and spreading their word. The album is phenomenal and I got on the Like Pacific train immediately after hearing it. I was pleasantly surprised when the band teased about a new song on twitter a few days ago, but I was not surprised at how good it is.

Two bars of tom-slapping precede the opening verse of Sedatives, the drums at the start are a welcome addition to the band’s sound. Having reshuffled drummers before, the band seem to be at home with their tub man and give him the biggest responsibility of the lot; to open the newest Like Pacific single. Guitars thrash through a progression of chords and the song is filled out in an expected manner. Jordan ‘hot-gay-daddy’ Black bursts onto the scene in his usually pained way with lyrics such as “it could have been worse, I could have been you” almost immediately. Black’s vocals are a staple feature of the band, they are strained yet melodic and this latest single does nothing but showcase them expertly. His melodic flutters build the song through the verse and into the chorus. There is a definite increase in the pace from the band, which only demands longer notes from Black. Of course, he duly meets these calls and the song slides seamlessly forwards. Images of overlooked pages of books and living in disarray, the melancholic metaphors define Like Pacific’s drive to get revenge on whatever poor soul has crossed their paths before.

The bassline is addictive and must be commended in this track. It is quite literally the heartbeat of the song and keeps it going whenever gaps may appear in the music. It steers us right to the breakdown which is slow and feels measured, at points even sounding like it could have been plucked from a child’s nursery rhyme. Before long, normal service resumes and it explodes into a shimmying, bouncing, angst-fest. The outro returns to the chorus which is uncharacteristically un-catchy. I mean that in a positive manner I must explain; the band have a habit for writing very cyclical hooks which keep you singing for hours, however, this track feels as though it is an evolution of this and has a heavier focus on the creative process as a whole.

If you haven’t heard the song, you can catch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U1dMxy6mvg

Diagnosis? Banger. I would highly recommend this band to anyone reading this, a fan of the genre or not. One of my favourite things about Like Pacific is the fact that they are so easily lovable, scratch beneath the surface and there are so many gems to be discovered. As for Sedatives, it is a great song and I am sure that it will grow on me even further. Despite the title, don’t sleep on this one.

4/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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