Advancing to the very top! Jack of None receive EIGHT nominations at this year’s Independent Music Awards!

The Chicago-Manila three-piece has received a breath-taking number of nominations in the sixteenth annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), a prestigious event for independent artists and releases. Jack of None, comprising of siblings A. G. Syjuco, Maxine Syjuco and Julian Syjuco, debuted in early-2016. The siblings are the progeny of Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco, both famous artists in the Philippines.

The IMAs are an annual awards ceremony praising “the year’s most exceptional and artistically daring projects from self-released and indie label talent from around the globe”. With judges this year featuring talent such as Slayer, Amy Lee of Evanescence, and previous IMA winners, the awards are full to the brim with talent.

Receiving over a thousand submissions worldwide, the IMAs nominated Jack of None for the following categories;

  1. Best Spoken Word Album – “Who Shot Bukowski?”
  2. Best Eclectic Album – “Who Shot Bukowski?”
  3. Best Spoken Word Song – Dear Georges (Vous Petit Monstre)
  4. Best Eclectic Song – Polyamorous Serial Monogamist
  5. Best Eclectic EP – “The Tattle Tale Heart”
  6. Best Eclectic Music Producer – AG Syjuco for “Who Shot Bukowski?”
  7. Best Album Art – Design & Photography – “The Tattle Tale Heart” by Maxine Syjuco
  8. Best Lyric Video – The Brainwashers

The band have previously won an award from the IMAs; Best Design for Album Art/Photography at the 15th IMA. They were also nominated for Best Album for Spoken Word, Best Song for Spoken Word, as well as Best New Sound in a Canadian poll.

For a full list of Nominees and categories, click here! To check out Jack of None, click here!

The Independent Music Awards are hosting on March 31st at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

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