The Lift sees the charmingly amateur SWIRL, attempt to raise the classic rock genre back to its former glory.

If you’ve been reading WaveByte for a long time, you’ll know that I bloody love classic rock – I even dedicated a whole months’ worth of playlist to it back in the summer. It’s brilliant, awe-inspiring, and universally enjoyed (and if you don’t enjoy it, then frankly, shame on you.) SWIRL is the kind of band that I look at and think “hell yes!” Just a bunch of guys hanging out, having a jam, and playing good music.

The Lift provides us with a surprisingly original song. That’s something hard to do when writing classic rock music because it’s nearly all been done. The Lift is a deeply personal song with solid vocals and riffs, if these guys were making music back in the ’80s, I’m sure they’d be signed pretty quickly. It’s unfortunate that this genre isn’t in the mainstream anymore, but it’s good to see these guys still performing with a passion for music.

As with all amateur productions, there are some things that stand out against the tremendous good. The pace of the song is a little jarring; the drums, guitar, and bass all provide steady, solid sounds, but they’re all pretty low-energy. At first, I thought that this may be due to my ears being used to faster, modern rock until it occurred to me that many of the bands who perform this type of music are inspired by its classic roots. So, I think it just needs a little more pace. Likewise, the vocals are great tonally, but they lack the real ‘oomph’ provided by other classic rock vocalists. Naturally, that comes with practice so I hope the guys keep at it. With a little more diaphragm control, the singer will be belting out the notes beautifully, and the instrumental elements of the band will be riffing with real speed. Now, with rather a nitpicky attitude, I must critique that the mixing could use a little work. The bass sounds like I’m listening to it through a wall and the drums sound muted as well. With a real recording studio, these guys could sound awesome.

So, what we are left with is an endearing, likeable band that has an almost dilettante attitude. Not quite, these guys also clearly have the knowledge and the skill needed to go far, it is all about the practice. Keep up the great work guys, and stick to what you do. The passion is obvious, and it’s awesome. You guys look and sound the part, and by checking out your YouTube, you act the part too.

Until next time, SWIRL.

3 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins
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