Italian pop-punk rockers, My Dinosaur Life, released their Young Survivors EP back in December and finally it’s time to unearth this fossil.

My Dinosaur Life got in contact with WaveByte recently and allowed us to have look at their latest EP, Young Survivors. Having been released on December 15th, I naturally gave it a listen; you can never really go wrong with the pop-punk genre, so I knew it couldn’t be terrible. On top of that, I loved the pospect of having a new band to enjoy. In hindsight, I feel as though despite these grandeous statements, I underestimated My Dinosaur Life.

Full to the brim with solid pop-punk riffs, My Dinosaur Life fit cleanly into the chaotic genre. Complete with the ‘I hate this town’ sentiment that accompanies this style of music, the five write their songs for those who sympathize with this feeling of not-belonging. Taking inspiration from bands such as Motion City Soundtrack (the band is actually named after Motion City Soundtrack’s fourth album, ‘My Dinosaur Life’), the band are certainly well-suited to this genre. This EP is a warm addition to the scene, but I must say that ultimately it is nothing new. The band seems to suffer from a lack of intensity that other pop-punk outfits bring with them; My Dinosaur Life’s lead vocalist, Berry, seems to be the main culprit. His voice is in-tune and decent, but unfortunately lacks the real punch that pop-punk vocalists really need to make their music stand out.

That being said, a large portion of the EP is fantastic. Each song is distinctly different, proving the band to be versatile and well-rounded. Yellow Walls and One Fast Move or I’m Gone are certainly the strongest pieces within this outfit, it is quite fitting that they are the first and second listed.

In that vein, I urge any of you who are craving something new to give these guys a shot. It’s evident that they have the talent, but just need to tighten a few screws. As a personal note to Berry; give it all you’ve got. Sometimes, more is more – a little more practice, a little more of a punch and a kick, this band will be one that you have to catch live. Finally, my biggest advice would be to try something new. Pop-punk is such an over-saturated genre, you need something intense to stand out. Good luck!

3 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins
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