Over the summer just past, my attention was drawn to a new extra-terrestrial genre of music in the form of The Lotus. These alien-rockers released a series of singles in May, August, and November, and I wanted to discuss some of them. Now, I must say that this isn’t really ‘my thing.’ I would not overtly say that I am a massive fan of all the songs, but I can see why others will enjoy them. The potential of this project has forced me to write about these singles.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to The Lotus:


Mars-X is accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful video. Shot on a low budget, the story follows a young alien finding themselves in a small English town. Before long the video explores a psychedelic break down which leads to a pretty rad dance routine.

The song itself is a moving ballad, it explores everything from freedom within the unknown to all the dangers that it can bring with it. Featuring an interstellar hook, the song had me moving the whole time I was listening to it. The piece is incredibly produced which comes across as being objectively great. Whilst it won’t be to everyone’s taste, it is still incredibly enjoyable to experience.

3/5 Bytes.

Perfect Love

Taking a small step away from the metal roots, Perfect Love moves towards electronic pop-rock. With this one, it was clear that The Lotus is brimming with diversity.

I could write a whole essay exploring the intricacies of the contrasting singles. Instead, let me just clarify it simply – this song is groovy. The Lotus’ vocalist, Rox, totally kills it. The mood is set through the tone of his voice. Even though I can’t always tell what he is saying, the sentiment is always there.

After a few listens, I realised that this was my favourite song out of the three. With a strong MUSE vibe, this one shows the strongest facets of the band. Bravo.

4/5 Bytes.

Five Days to Shine

Five Days To Shine is a showcase of Rox’s vocal ability, this ambient piece sees the band slow the pace. The effect of this is profound, speaking volumes to their audience. This one took a couple of listens to really understand what I thought about it. Vocally, it’s great. The guitar resonates, and the drums are thunderous. However, the song feels somewhat empty and lacking. It’s not as energetic as the others and I think that this might be the reason for my qualms with it.

2.5/5 Bytes.

This presents a tricky situation for me, I had to ask myself whether I only rate this band on a subjective level, how others might enjoy it and how much I enjoyed it? The talent is certainly there, but would I listen to it daily? These questions are all up in the air. However, it is a pretty solid effort. Well done guys, keep up all the hard work!

Will Wilkins.
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