Press to MECO pump out another energetic playlist-enricher from their upcoming second album.

Although I know that Press to MECO are not strictly a new band, this third single Familiar Ground shows just how fresh they really are. This track is tight as hell and, quite frankly, a real treat.

It enters energetically with a cracker of a riff that I’ve come to expect from PTM. The tone is set with this rousing introduction that lets you know this isn’t one to stand around to. The verse really teases this band’s vocal prowess, drummer Lewis Williams takes the lead on a strong melody and both Luke Caley (guitar/vocals) and Adam Roffey (bass/vocals) support every other two bars when the chords and hi-hats loosen.

From here, we break into an extended chorus packed with gang vocals, more enticing harmonies, and a rock-solid instrumental backing (double pedal etc). We also gain more of an understanding of the lyrical meanings of this song. “Treading on familiar ground, won’t you just come around” is the leading message to reflect on, a romantic theme of desire for a past flame. Later lyrics and the great supporting video suggest this is perhaps a waste of time and what you thought you desired, was never there in the first place.

The song continues with another verse and chorus very much under the same steam, before the tone takes a welcomed detour to some heavy riffage and pounding percussion. This bridge reminds me of why PTM have a hold on me. They can smash out two-and-a-half minutes of melodic alternative rock before breaking into a section of heavy, rhythmically-diverse, jarring (in a good way) musicianship. This break from the expected trajectory of the track is finished off by a brief but brilliant four-bar solo effort from Williams on drums.

To close, the song plays out to one more rendition of the captivating chorus melodies and we are left wondering why March 30th is so far away.

So that’s their third single, Familiar Ground, from the to-be-released second album Here’s To The Fatigue. Be sure to give the accompanying video a watch (released through Upset Magazine; ) and keep up-to-date with all their social media (@PresstoMECO) for upcoming shows and the new album come the 30th of next month.

4/5 bytes

Callum Huthwaite.

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