Moose Blood warm your bones with latest single Have I Told You Enough?

The underwhelming success, by the high standards of their debut album, of Moose Blood’s Blush was swiftly swept up into a sea of scandal. I am pleased to see that this time has passed, Moose Blood are back and have everything to gain. Have I Told You Enough? is the third and latest single released from their up and coming album I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore and I, a recovered Moose Blood-aholic, can’t wait to see what happens.

A simple guitar riff is joined by steady drums to flood the opening of this single. I felt transported back to 2014 and the days of I’ll Keep You In Mind. Eddy’s comforting and familiar vocals begin to warm your bones as the guitar steps aside and lets his voice take its rightful position at the centre of the stage. You can’t tell that Moose Blood has changed drummer, he simply falls into place in the band. The rhythmic verse teases us by giving a glimpse of the potential that the song holds. True to their style, the verse succumbs to the 8-bar pre-chorus as the music thins to allow the vocals to become the listeners’ focus. The band, now in full force, join Eddy for a head nodding chorus which reminds us of just how infectious Moose Blood can be. As the song repeats the verse, pre-chorus, chorus structure, I realised that I could not fault their lyrics. Many bands prioritise catchy lyrics over those with more meaning, but I can’t help but feel that the quartet are successful in achieving both. The song completely changes its dynamic as the guitar is soloed with a new riff. The drums create an air of anticipation along with the faint vocals which add another layer to the bridge. The band breaks back into the chorus until coming to an end in the same way that it began.

In summary, the only way to describe the sound of this song is by quantifying it to be pre-Blush Moose Blood, which in my opinion is a triumph. With how successful their debut album was, it would be unrealistic to assume that their success would continue to sky-rocket. However, the singles that Moose Blood have released confirm that they have re-found their sound. I have no doubts that they will be climbing further up the ladder of the music world. After all, they have had to fight for it.

4/5 Bytes.

Megan Foxen.

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