In a year looking extremely promising for Indie Rock/Pop, how will The Wombats fair with their latest album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life?

2018 looks like a year that could prove dominant for indie rock, Arctic Monkeys have come out of hiding and look set to drop another album that will undoubtedly be a hit amongst the multitude of loyal fans at the very least. The 1975’s third album is due for release later on in the year amongst the midst of hundreds of other indie artists. This marked The Wombats’ attempt to lay down a statement of intent and show exactly what they still have to offer to their fans.

It’s been three years since the release of Glitterbug, an album, which if I remember correctly received a relatively mixed response – that being said, it was undoubtedly an album I enjoyed. Fast-forward three years and we are here, faced with the 11 songs (But only a mere 37 minutes run time) of Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. I think that going into the album I was expecting something special, something which displayed some resemblance to the tracks that had made The Wombats so popular. However, this was not what I was met with.

Running through my ears was a demonstration of seemingly lazy songwriting with no real standout moments to hook the listener. As I write this, I can’t recall a single song that was particularly memorable and therefore, I’m hardly eager to return to this effort. Perhaps, when crafting this album, The Wombats figured that, whatever they released, it couldn’t be as bad as Fall Out Boy’s newest album so what the hell? Maybe I’m just a cynic but, as a fan of The Wombats, this was hard for me to listen to. I just wanted that hook. I was constantly looking for reasons to like this album, but I was struggling.

I suppose that the short runtime made the album very digestible and, despite my numerous listens for the purpose of writing this review, I hardly lost much of my time. As an album that is very easy to listen to, I’m sure it will see a respectable amount of commercial success.

Would I recommend this particular album? Not necessarily. However, I will certainly recommend The Wombats as a band because some of their older stuff is outstanding and as a live band, they are absolutely worth a pop – it’s just a shame that this release proved somewhat underwhelming.

2.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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