The Broco boys bring bundles of brand new bangers to Norwich

Don Broco are utterly notorious for their infectious live shows. Over the past 4 years, the band has made a name for themselves by producing and perfectly performing a plethora of bangers across their impressive discography. I was very eager to catch the band on their latest headline tour, especially considering the calibre of their most recent record, Technology. The album is brimming with energy, every time I have listened to it I have been infatuated with the possibility that every song possesses to pop off live. I could not think of anything better than an evening with Broco and the boys, of course, we were obliged to “sink some beers”.


Fresh off their support slot with The Amazons on their headline tour, Yonoka have been working the road hard. They are the opening support for the second leg of this Don Broco tour and so it was interesting to see how their sound would fair in a venue with a slightly different breed of fan to those of The Amazons. I must admit, I did not catch enough of this band to construct a comprehensive review. Despite the poor on-stage chat, the band seemed to have an oomph about them which will surely take them on to further ventures.


I must get this out the way early on. What the fuck? MAN WITH A MISSION was an absolute slap in the face. 6 grown men sporting full-face wolf masks graced the audience with a collection of electro-pop-rock-synth-sounds. They had a stage presence about them, the shock factor of their look only intensified this further. They had a well-oiled sound about their set, clearly ecstatic to be supporting Don Broco. I urge you to watch some videos of these guys live, or go one better and go to see them. Although my words seem vague, as soon as you witness their on-stage personas you will completely understand. I can see the potential of the band, they are certainly unique and could one day be a big deal. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work that well for me in terms of accessibility – they weren’t the most digestible of bands.

3/5 Bytes.

Don Broco

The lighting display that littered the stage foreboded the atmosphere that would absorb the room once the Bedford boys had graced the stage; funky, sexy vibes. To quote a great man, it was time to ‘vibe the night’. The room was packed, I was almost certain that the show sold out on the door, or at least, it was damn near close. If one thing is for certain, it is that Don Broco deserve all the ears and eyes in the world. Their music is infectious and their live shows are electric, but most importantly, they are fun. A lot of bands over the years have fallen into ruts of their own success, however, Broco have kept to their jovial, honest roots and it is for this reason that I am always excited to see them.

All my expectations were met as soon as they strolled onto the stage. The set opener could be none other than Pretty. As soon as the first verse came in, the room was fizzing and entirely poised, waiting to explode with the entire drop-down dance floor of the crowd loaded and coiled. From here, the band detonated through the song and followed it up with the ever electric Everybody. The room was relentless in its mission of showing the band just how incredible their latest album is. The opening of this set was absolutely frantic.

Appearances from Fire, Superlove and What You Do To Me reminded the audience that, despite the Top 5 success of Technology, Automatic still boasts an array of anthems that are worthy additions to their live set. Hip jigging, jumping and smiles from every person in the venue. Magic. Obviously, I must commend Stay Ignorant and Technology as well. As two of the lead singles from the newest album, it is clear to see that they have gone down a treat with fans. It felt like everyone in the venue knew every word and were having the same dilemma as me, deciding whether to jiggle or jump.

Porkies was a highlight; the boys were keen to explain that this was only the second time that they had played the song live. It was hard to tell that this was the case. The song is huge and a definite highlight of their most recent release. The iconic vocals of Rob Damiani were prominent in this one and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I hope this one makes itself a permanent feature in their setlist. Further, Nerve and Money, Power, Fame brought the show to the pre-encore close. Further was an exemplary exhibition of musicianship, recreating the sound of the song perfectly from the recordings and blasting it out to the audience. Nerve did what it does best and demanded that you try and hit the highest notes possible in the chorus. Whilst Money, Power, Fame played the ‘floor is lava’ game and sent everybody into a frenzy.

Come Out To LA was an absolute party. On a personal note, it had been the anthem of the weekend and it was amazing to share a room with people who had the same amount of love for this one. I do have my questions about the choice to end the set on T-Shirt Song­, although it is a great song and the visuals of seeing people swing their sweat-ridden garments around their heads like they are trying to mimic a helicopter is a pleasant addition, I just don’t feel like it sits quite right as the finale. I get that in a venue such as Alexandra Palace the spectacle of seeing thousands of people partake in the ritual would be incredible, but in a more intimate venue such as the LCR it didn’t seem as impressive and the energy slipped away a little. Although saying this, I must commend the musicianship of the band. From Pretty to T-Shirt Song the entire set was impeccably performed with a musical gusto which should be envied by a lot of musicians.

I was a little disappointed by the lack of songs from the band’s debut album Priorities, other than the titular song we were left teased by the mounted acoustic guitar only having been used for What You Do To Me rather than for songs such as Hold On. Although, the bewilderingly underwhelming crowd response from ‘fan favourite’ Thug Workout may be an explanation for this. As Broco have finessed their sound and continued to forge their way to a larger audience their demographic seems to be less tolerant of the rough-around-the-edges ‘is Rob Damiani REALLY that fun?” origins of the band. However, for those who did understand what was happening it was as intense as ever. For me, Thug Workout was an unrivalled highlight.

Congrats on the Top 5 album boys and as always, thanks for a cracking show.

4.5/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.


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