Here’s why now is the prime time to listen to The Amazons.

On Friday the 9th of February, we headed down to the iconic Portsmouth Pyramid Centre to add a vital badge to our live music neckerchief. The Amazons have somehow managed to slip under our radar over at the WaveByte HQ since none of us had yet had the pleasure of catching them live. This was the day that was about to change.

After entering the venue, it became clear what the night had in store. Slaloming in and out of a sea of keen fans who were already eagerly waiting for their much-anticipated entrance added to the overall excitement of the vibe in the venue. Just after hedging bets on what time the first chord was going to hit our ears, Yonaka opened the night with a combination of styles that you couldn’t typically place into one single genre. There was no shortage of passion or attitude in the performance. Setting an excellent first impression drove me to check out their music on Spotify later that night. If you have a minute, check out their EP HEAVY, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Once the dust had settled, it was time for the main event. Stay With Me opened the set and raised an (assumedly) already high bar for the rest of the night. Mosh pits, bright purple lighting and strong support from the crowd were all ingredients in a positively overwhelming atmosphere. As the night went on, I was lucky to experience personal favourites, Ultraviolet and Raindrops first hand. These tracks lead up to the song which I would place at the very top of their debut album – In My Mind saw Yonaka’s Theresa Jarvis grace the stage one last time to beautifully slow down the song’s introduction. It created a contrast to songs previously played but proved equally as impressive as both voices in collided in conversation hitting higher and higher notes each in turn.

After taking a peek, I was admittedly slightly disappointed only to read 12 songs. As the night drew to a close, I could retrospectively understand why this was the case, the likes of merging two songs, Black Magic/Millions (The Party) resulted in certain numbers coming close to ten minutes. Long sessions of guitar interludes transitioned in and out of each song setting the crowd up for the down points of the night. This left some in high spirits but could maybe be seen as an unnecessary way to drag out a set when, really, it might have been more beneficial to squeeze another track onto the list.

Once the lights turned back on, I soon came to the conclusion that this band certainly know how to put on a show and keep the crowd engaged. After the release of more material and conquering bigger venues, it’ll surely only further the experience of witnessing one of UK’s fastest learning and ever-improving rock n roll outfits.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Daniel Baker.

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