A roller-coaster of rhythm, Fizzy Blood’s latest single will force its way into your playlist

Following the recent interview and live review published on WaveByte, I was excited to see that there was even more Fizzy Blood material I could sink my teeth into (In case you missed it, you can check out or most recent piece on the band here: https://wavebyte.co.uk/2018/02/04/heres-why-fizzy-blood-should-be-your-new-favourite-band/). The release of their latest single CFO was a welcome surprise when I saw that it was to be premiered on the Radio 1 Rock Show this past Sunday. One thing that I took from the interview with the band was their hectic tour schedule, I was intrigued to see if constantly being on the road with different bands has had any influence on their sound. Now it was time to see if CFO could live up to the high standards of their Summer of Luv EP.

I will be the first to admit that despite hearing a lot about Fizzy Blood since the release of this EP last September, I have not been a regular listener. However, I am very much aware of their talent. On my first listen of this single, I expected to be greeted by a flood of texture, which I was, just not in the way I was anticipating. In place of the aggressive guitar and powerful drum beat, I found almost 80’s vocal effect and synth chord blend which was laced with a more up-tempo beat. As the introduction slipped away, the effects on the vocals faded and the synths gave way to the sturdy guitar and bass. The sound and structure of the verses of CFO are of a very similar style of those employed by Dinosaur Pile-Up, highlighting the influence the trio whilst working with Fizzy Blood towards the end of 2017. As soon as the chorus began the up-tempo vibe, tested in the introduction, fights its way back to the foreground and begs for your inner ‘dad-dance’ moves to burst out. However, as soon as the party has started it is over again and the synth effects come back in a messy and almost alien sounding way to transition the song back into the grinding verse. From here the song circles back into the final chorus, falling into the repeated lyric of “I wrote a love song for you” which winds its way up your headphones. The music cuts abruptly and the focus turns to the vocals, a solo voice cuts through the noise with the last line of the song, “there is no room in this bed for two”, being left to resonate in your ears.

For me, during the first couple of listens, my interest wasn’t held until the solo at the very end of the song. Although, saying this I did catch myself bouncing along to the infectious chorus on multiple occasions. It certainly is a grower and has a found a home in my playlist. It may not have originally been what I was expecting to hear from the band, but that certainly doesn’t mean I was left disappointed.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Megan Foxen.

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