A colourful outing by Guildford royalty. Me and the Moon’s It’s Alright will keep you smiling and bobbing your head for its entire duration.

Following the release of their first EP, Me and the Moon have found themselves propelled to new heights. After signing with London-based indie label My Little Empire, It’s Alright seems to be the first step in a career defining direction.

At first glance, the band is a bubble of talent. Tamara Grzegorzek (what a name!) possesses warm vocals, Jonny Elstone hosts gentle, yet complex guitar tones and Alex Archer ties the sound together with encapsulating drums. Together, the trio have a sweet and tender sound and having already caught one of their live shows, I can testify that their talent is genuine. The atmosphere that surrounds the band really makes it feel like a family – one of the best, and most unique, traits an artist can possess. As a product, It’s Alright is a fantastic piece. It’s fun, quick, and lucid. Entirely inviting, this is the type of song that will give you an escape to a graceful side of dream-pop.

Our very own Jamie Law previously wrote about Me and the Moon’s single Get Away (find that here; https://wavebyte.co.uk/2017/04/28/me-and-the-moon-get-away/) and gave them 4/5 Bytes. He explained that “Me and the Moon have really created something beautiful here and I wish for as many people to experience it as I have”, and to be truthful the same could be said about this new single. If this is the response most people have when listening to their music then Me and the Moon really are, as Jamie says, “destined for greatness.” Their tracks are nostalgic and emotional, each note resonates with their audience. It’s truly spectacular. Overall, it is a smashing job.

It’s Alright is now available on all major platforms. I beg that everyone reading this will give this new single a spin. In fact, I hope you delve into all their releases on Spotify or iTunes and really support the band in any way you can. Furthermore, you can catch one of their shows on the It’s Alright Tour, which kicked off yesterday. The band are playing venues around the south coast, with a special show booked for Cardiff.

If there’s one thing to take away from this review, it’s that you should really be listening to Me and the Moon. They’re magnificent, fun and stadium-ready. Whatever step they take next, whether it be an EP or full album, I’m incredibly excited for it.

5/5 Bytes

Will Wilkins


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