On Wednesday the 31st January, we headed down to the beloved Boileroom in Guildford to catch a band that we’ve been extremely excited about for a fair while now. Fizzy Blood graced the stage in support of tonight’s headliner Spring King, however, for us, they were the unrivalled highlight. We were lucky enough to be able to sit down with all five members before the show and have a little chinwag about life as a touring band, the intricacies of the flashy new music video and the forthcoming plans for the band.

The first thing we talked about was just how busy the boys have been. Since releasing their latest EP Summer Of Luv, Fizzy Blood have continued their momentum as an up and coming band. Off the back of a fairly lengthy tour with alt-rock favourites Arcane Roots and a run of shows with Dinosaur Pile-Up, they allowed themselves to recuperate over the festive period. “We’ve done a fair bit, but we had a nice Christmas at home”. “It was all condensed into a small couple of weeks and then, we did about two months work in that two weeks”. “Yeah man, it was good. We just ate lots of pigs in blankets and now we’re back on the road!”.

How is the touring life? How are you guys finding it?” “Ah, it’s shit man”. Everyone cracked up at this point, but in all honesty, the life of a touring band surely must be one of the most arduous aspects of a career in music. “Well, this tour has probably been one of the easier ones we’ve done to be fair”. “Yeah, we’ve done a lot harder tours”. “The drives haven’t been very long which always gets ya and the crowds have been really really receptive”. “Spring King are really nice guys as well”. “I know we’re kind of giving off the vibe that it’s a slog and we don’t like it, but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it because there’s not really any money in it so if we’re not doing it because we love it then what are we doing it for?”. “Because we’re idiots, that’s why!”.

It’s an attitude to be commended. In the latter stages of the interview, I asked the guys if there were any venues that they would look forward to playing, a venue that they could look at and say, ‘we made it’. Jokes of selling out Wembley Stadium aside – “I think the mentality in this band, even when we’re doing that, we’ll still be taking the piss out of ourselves and feeling guilty for indulging in any kind of success or belief of ourselves”. It’s extremely early doors for Fizzy Blood, so the outlook of staying humble may eventually prove easier said than done, however, for now, it’s certainly an ethos that oozes through every fibre of the band. Midway through the interview, bassist Ciaran (The Scanimal) Scanlon started licking the shoulder of tubman Jake Greenway – this is a tight-knit group of friends and this intimate gesture solidified that.

Moreover, their onstage chemistry is unrivalled. Throughout the entirety of their set at the Boileroom they never missed a beat, and if they did, no one could give a shit because they were playing so damn hard. It’s the sort of conviction and tenacity that comes as second nature for artists that are so impassioned by their craft. Make no mistake about it – these guys are bona fide rockstars in the making. I was sure to compliment the band about the quality of their live performance after having the pleasure of catching them on the tour with Arcane Roots. “It’s something we’ve always been really conscious of actually, we’ve always wanted to be a live band, so the recording process has always kind of matched it, but, the next EP is kind of different so we’re kind of still figuring that out but you’ll hear a few of those new songs tonight anyway…”. More on that later.Fizzy2(_)

Having largely been doing the rounds as a support band, Fizzy Blood are facing exciting times as they are looking to head out on their first “proper” headline tour. It’s sure to be a step up from their last flurry of headline shows “about 3 years ago” that “about 5 people came to”. “So, how does the approach change from setting up as a support band? When going on a headline tour, are you going to be looking at it in a different way?”. “We’re just gonna play some more songs!”. “It is a big change but because we’ve played with a lot of different bands we’re quite used to tailoring things to our audiences”. “We know what kind of songs we’re going to play but we don’t actually have to think about what those people like because they’ve come to see us”. “But, at the same time, because it’s our name on the ticket there is a level of responsibility there”.

“When you’re a support band, there isn’t really much pressure because if you fail, no one cares. As a headline band, there’s quite a lot because if you fail then it’s kind of disappointing for everyone who’s got you to the point where you are”. “There’s a lot of stuff that you can’t control so you can’t beat yourself up too much, but I think that, yeah, there is a lot more pressure as a headline act. But, if you step up to it and it goes well then that’s how you progress”. At the moment, progression seems to be a fundamental driving force for Fizzy Blood. “You can’t rest. Everyone else is working just as hard if not harder, so you can’t really stop”. “It’s why we all look like shit all the time”.

Aside from the talk of live performances, the latest development that fans could enjoy from the band was the release of a stunning new video to accompany the release of ADHD as a single. A visual cacophony of interchanging clips including an exaggerated TV infomercial and a Go-Pro attached to a running doggo, all shot to accommodate a glorious 360-degree viewing if you have the technology to do so. “What was the motivation behind picking ADHD specifically out of all the tracks on Summer Of Luv?. “The main thing was that the guys who did the video… wanted to do the video because of what the song is about and because they were doing the video we thought that it would be good to put it out and give it a bit of a spotlight”. “Out of the songs we had left to release, it was the more singley sounding kind of one anyway”. “Yeah, it all just kind of came together out of circumstance”.

“It was a big undertaking. Very different to any other video we had done before. We had a massive team – we had someone doing makeup, runners fetching cans of coke”. “As well as us, there must have been 20-25 people”. The guys addressed the fortune of having the backing of a Channel 4 production team and were very honest in saying that they would never have been able to produce the video out of their own pockets. However, I can’t help but feel as though luck is only a small element at play here. The production team obviously recognised the potential and quality in Fizzy Blood’s music, particularly the meaning behind the track. To me, this is a clear testament of just how significant these boys can be – from just their second EP, they’ve proved their worth in discussing important and sensitive issues such as ADHD. “It deserves to be seen by a lot of people and hopefully it will”.

“What’s next? Is it an LP – a full length?”. “No. We were thinking about it, but we decided in the end that it’s not the right time”. “Tim just said he didn’t want to do it basically”. “Just couldn’t be arsed”. “But we have a full third EP ready to go and that should be out in the open very soon”. “We’re going to bring some new material really really really soon – next month”. They showcased a couple of tracks during their live set, one of which left a significant mark and properly tickled my pickle. When this EP does drop, listen out for the song that repeats “I am the last man standing” – the pulsating synth bass carries through a large portion of the song hits you right in the gut with a breakdown which is about as fat as you can get – the crowd were sent into an utter frenzy.FizzB1.png

Despite the relatively short time between my first live encounter with Fizzy Blood in October and their show with Spring King, they had still managed to improve considerably. They are assured onstage and they have the music to back up their presence. Every song sounded huge and the crowd loved it – I have no doubt that every single person in that room was won over by this band and, because of this it won’t be long at all until they start to reach new heights. Utterly brilliant. I implore you to hit these guys up on Spotify and grab a ticket to their upcoming headline tour. You will not regret it.

5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.
Many thanks to Benji Inkley, Paul Howells, Jake Greenway, Ciaran Scanlon (don’t ever change, your bass face makes me infinitely happy) and Tim Malkin for your hospitality. Thanks also to Angela from Devil PR for making this feature possible.


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