German instrumental geniuses Long Distance Calling sound triumphant whilst teasing us with their latest album, Boundless.

Untitled.pngIt’s always hard to write a review for an instrumental song, let alone an entire band built upon that sound. A big part of music for me is the vocals; I often find myself wondering whether I’d enjoy a song as much if the lead singer were replaced or altogether removed. Coming across instrumental bands, such as Animals As Leaders and, now, Long Distance Calling, has really given me an insight into the world of instrumental.

Initially, I suppose it’s easy to perceive instrumental music as empty and passive – something to just have on in the background as you do something else. However you may feel about it yourself, it’s hard to neglect the immense talent that goes into making something so intricate as an instrumental piece.


The first single, Out There, is not only a testament to the band’s ability as musicians but also their capability to create cross-platform art. The song itself, which relies on a stimulating, yet basic guitar hook coupled with a fluctuating tempo, is a beautiful rendition and naturally displays the talent of the musicians. For me, though, the best part of this piece is the music video that accompanies it, which was directed by Iconographic. The video follows the band on an innately stunning hike through the scenery of the Dolomites in Italy. Through Iconographic’s breath-taking cinematography, the band are transported to another world, supported by their underlying instrumental piece.

Untitled2.pngAscending follows as the second single and presents itself as a delicate, wonderfully woven piece which utilises aspects from the German metal scene alongside characteristics of djent and prog-rock. The song is only strengthened by its build-up from the bridge to a crescendo; a masterpiece of metal instrumentals. Whilst the music video for this one is quite simple – the band simply performing the song in a red room – the passion for the music is certainly not lacking.

I’ve never really paid much attention to music videos before – I’d simply download the song, put my headphones in, and listen. Being exposed to such gorgeous videos such as the one presented by Long Distance Calling may spark some inspiration to write reviews for the videos themselves. Watch this space.

With a few changes to the score, a bit more flourish to keep the audience tapping along, this may just become the perfect album for vocal-less music.

Long Distance Calling recently announced the arrival of their sixth studio album, ‘Boundless’, set to release 2nd February this year. It will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other usual platforms.

4 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins.

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