The Seaboiz cap off their much-anticipated return to the UK with a storm of infectious new tracks which set London on fire.

I was filled with an air of nervousness on the train down to London. Having seen Seaway 4 times before last night, I was hoping that they might live up to their previous live performances. Seeing the band at Slam Dunk in 2015 and at the Camden Underworld, a couple of years back, are some of the most fun musical memories I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The band are incredible live. An unrelenting blend of sing-a-longs and bounciness that work seamlessly together. Hoser, Colour Blind and All In My Head EP all boast an innumerable collection of absolute belters which transcend perfectly into their live sets. I loved their latest release Vacation and was keen to see how it would make its way into their show. Anyway, a few beers tanked, it was time for some fun.

Lizzy Farrell:

I will admit, other than a quick Spotify listen on the morning of the gig, I knew nothing about Lizzy Farrell. However, after witnessing her opening performance I will be sure to check her out. Her voice was sublime, powerful and filled the room. Her talent oozed from the stage. She was accompanied by two gentlemen playing acoustic guitars, one of which was celebrating their 21st birthday and looked incredibly excited to have been presented with this opportunity. I blame myself for not knowing more about this artist. A notable mention must be made about her merch, it was very classy and I will definitely be listening to her music and be purchasing some of her clothing soon. My only fear was that a fair amount of her songs blended into one another, whether that was a result of my ignorance or the limited nature of singing sad songs I don’t know but I think time will tell.

3/5 Bytes.


The room had become impressively filled by the time the second support Woes took to the stage. They burst out like a group of school children excited to play football at lunch, it is safe to say that they were up for it. Having spoken to a few members of the band, the excitement they had experienced from being brought on the road with Seaway was reflected formidably in their live show. They opened with a flurry of electric tracks that encouraged the hordes of people to move towards the front. A humorous cover of Papa Roach’s Last Resort enforced the point that the band were having fun on the stage. New single, Real World was a nice addition to the set. A song filled with a lot of potential. It excited me because it was different from the rest of their setlist, setting them apart from other bands of a similar ilk. When the band have a few more tours under their belt they will have perfected their live performance even further. Losing Time was tight, it was everything I expected it to be live – vigorous. It was good to see a few aggressive finger points back at the band for this one, the highest form of compliment at a pop-punk gig. My personal highlight of the set was the breakdown of Winter Sun, for me, it personified the band. It was energetic, heartfelt and most importantly showcased the band’s love for playing music. If the boys from Scotland are able to keep on this upwards journey, it will not be long until they are getting the recognition they deserve. Personally I cannot wait for some more new music, the pop-punk genre is a competitive arena where it is very hard to differentiate between sounds. I feel like Woes need to distance themselves from the crowd, they have talent and the energy to do so. I just hope that next time I catch these guys live they will have some more dynamic material. Check out these guys.

Big thanks to Angela from Devil PR and the band for the spots on the guestlist and for being so approachable, keep up the good work.

3/5 Bytes.


It was not long before we were graced with the presence of the main event. It was surreal how quickly the band turned around the stage and were ready to hit the audience with their wall of energy. The band opened with one of the biggest hits from 2015’s Colour Blind, Best Mistake. It was a fantastic choice to open with this one, the shared vocals from Ryan Locke and Patrick Carleton set this track alight and every single word was shouted back at them with intensity. It was visible that the band were already loving being back in London.

Up next were three new tracks. Something Wonderful did a fantastic job in keeping up the energy, it was unrelenting as the crowd began waking up more and more. London was understandably one of the highlights of the set. Obviously, I assumed it was built for a setting such as this, an intimate venue in the heart of England. Everything the band had hoped for from this song was met with the crowd response, it felt as though everyone had left their feet. Apartment provided a number of sing-a-longs and the aforementioned aggressive finger-pointing was in full swing.

I was very happy to hear that Your Best Friend had kept its spot in the setlist, it is one of a host of fire tracks from the band’s EP. Every time I have seen the band live, this song has been an absolute hit and this time was no different. The chorus is infectious and I questioned whether I was going to lose my voice whilst attempting to replicate Locke’s customarily rough musings. Lula On The Beach was one of the best parts of the set. The positivity oozes from this song and summarises the band so perfectly. The crowd were loving it, the breakdown, in particular, saw a sea of continual body bobbing. Upon its release, I did not think about its live potential but I am glad that I now know what it can do to a room of Seaway fans.

Naturally, Shy Guys and Sabrina the Teenage Bitch were also some of the biggest moments of the show. Acting as reminders that the band had not forgotten their roots, the crowd were even more electric than it had been before. I must admit that Car Seat Magazine and Scatter My Ashes Along the Coast, or Don’t were fantastic additions to the set. I didn’t see them making their way in over songs like Freak (to name just one), however, they were worthy replacements.

If I was being selfish, I would have loved to have seen Alberta and Keep Your Stick on the Ice but I understand that it must be quite the task to pick 15/16 songs to play live when all you write are bangers. I have said this before and will continue to say it. If you have not seen Seaway live, then sort yourself out. A great evening, as expected.

4/5 Bytes.

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