Moose Blood are a band that have experienced it all, euphoric highs from the success of 2014’s I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time and personal pitfalls that have threatened the future of the musical outfit. However, I am happy to report that I am writing this review with only positive comments. The band’s previous single Talk In Your Sleep came as a bit of a surprise, in a similar fashion, It’s Too Much appears to have crept up on me. I was keen to see if the band had kept the same melancholic, love-ballad blueprint they had perfected with their last single.

The song opens in an interesting fashion, taking the avid Moose Blood fan by surprise. Eerie feedback clears and an experimental riff gives the indication that the flavour of this one may be a little different. A mesmerizingly regular drum beat guides us through the opening verses of the song, laid over the top of is the plodding baseline and the typical dancing of guitars. The vocals of Eddy Brewerton are obviously pained and add to the atmosphere of the song. His voice is integral to the sound of Moose Blood, once again It’s Too Much is a showcase of his ability. Without his voice, it would be hard to address the sorrowful subjects commonly found at the heart of their music. It is possible that confessional lyrics such as “I feel like I haven’t slept in months” could hint at the torment of rigorous touring and personal issues that have troubled the band. The song continues on in its melodic style as if stuck in a routine that cannot be broken. However, as expected it does not stay like this for the duration of the whole song. The breakdown is where we reach the epic crescendo, we hear Brewerton’s final plea to “take [him] home”. All parts collide, the drums, bass and guitar take their moment in the spotlight and erupt into a loud but proud and unified ending. The song reaches its end, with another confessional lyric, that the band feel as though have “had enough”. Despite its melancholic nature, this song is exciting.

With the band being shrouded in negativity over the past few months, I am very happy to see the boys doing what they do best; producing music. Moose Blood are without a doubt one of the biggest up and coming bands in the UK right now, with singles such as It’s Too Much it will not be long until they are back on track. It’s Too Much will peak the interest both avid and casual fans of the band, that is for certain.

4/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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