The battle of the Broco vocals, the Bedfordshire boys blow off breezy Blighty for the Big Orange.

Last night, we were gifted another insight into the new chapter of Don Broco. Technology (scheduled for release on 2nd February 2018) has given us an array of new singles and I was excited for another. It would be unfair to review their latest track without mentioning the visual masterpiece that accompanies it. Don Broco have become known for their entertaining videos, I couldn’t help but to dive right in to this one.

Within seconds we are thrown into turmoil. Tragically, front man Rob Damiani is run over before our very eyes. Seizing his opportunity, the bands drummer Matt Donnelly, selflessly steps up to fill Rob’s shoes on the mic. However, his vocals are not the usual deep, smooth voice associated with Broco. Instead, Matt’s staccato floods out of the speakers. We are not often treated to a Donnelly solo, he has tended to stick to backing vocals which has become a fundamental part of the Don Broco sound. Boy, can that man hold a tune. Little does he know his time in the spotlight is ticking away as Damiani is resurrected in half human/half robot form.

However, it is honest time. It’s no secret that genius lyrics are not Don Broco’s forte. In most cases the title of the song gives half the lyrics away, but this does not take anything away from the Bedfordshire boys talent. Musically they are one of the tightest, most solid bands out there and have been since beginning (bangers such as Thug Workout and Beautiful Morning prove so). There is something magical about the way the foursome manages to release song after song, all with completely different sounds, but are all sprinkled with the same Donny-B flare that we cherish.

As the chorus makes its way back round again, the new but unmistakably rough voice of Robot Rob joins the layers. His arrival allows the song to slide into the silky bridge. Winning the battles of the vocals, Matt once again takes center stage to belt out the chorus once again.

The song takes a groovy turn as we are gifted the velvet tones of the human Damiani for the first time in the song. However, Rob is only half the man he was and as the chunky chorus once again melts into a bridge it takes Robot Rob with it. Matt ends the song the same way it began as the dysmorphic remains of Robot Rob are poured into a hole. The song ends with the newly formed threesome looking lost, gazing at the LA scenery.

Can anyone say that this song is anything less than a banger? No. Is this the end for Rob Damiani? Of course not, he will obviously be once again reincarnated but as what? I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be waiting on tenterhooks for their album release. See you in Norwich boys.

4/5 Bytes.

Megan Foxen.

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