True to their name, Tiny Moving Parts offer up another exemplarily crafted single.

We’re welcomed by the trademark patter of an arpeggiated riff intertwined with the occasional natural harmonic for good measure. This lick is so busy that it almost sounds clumsy, of course, this is not the case. Anyone who is remotely familiar with TMP’s body of work thus far would now be accustomed to the technical prowess that fuels their songwriting – no track is without its own unique intricacies and it is for this reason that this band stand out in such a fantastic way.

It’s not long before the bite of vocalist/6-string virtuoso, Dylan Mattheisen, throws itself into the fore. “Send applause to your heartstrings. Send it.” The imperative nature of the lyrics is fantastic, it asserts an unrivalled authority that perfectly suits the itchy and urgent pace that carries throughout the preliminary verse. As for the meaning behind the lyrics, I’m struggling to make clear sense of the message conveyed throughout Applause – “Don’t doubt your alphabet” – maybe I’m missing something. The second verse calms the pace slightly which provides a nice degree of respite, it’s just another demonstration of how carefully constructed these songs are.

The chorus is loud and fast, another dynamic that TMP are surely comfortable with. Naturally, it is executed with aplomb and there is little to fault. Whilst, as previously mentioned, the most blatant highlight of this band’s sound is Mattheisen’s expert guitar technique made only more impressive by his ability to vocalise simultaneously with apparent ease, the rhythm section must be commended. The Chevalier brothers do a fine job at establishing and maintaining the foundations of the song – driven bass and pulsating drums are fundamental to the overall sound here and ensure that there is structure and rigidity intact throughout.

Following on from the previously released Caution, essentially, Applause is more of the same. Although it may sound it, this is not necessarily as pejorative as it may be when applied to certain other artists in this genre. The fact of the matter is that Tiny Moving Parts are entirely unique in the music that they produce – so ‘more of the same’ is still different in and of itself. There is a new album coming and if it’s even a shade as incredible as 2016’s Celebrate, then it will surely be a triumph.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson




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