Local Guildford legends, China Bears, hit us with their newest single. Meet Me in London is the perfect ballad to accompany the holiday season. I’m not confident enough in my own writing to effectively convey just how good this piece is, so I’ll quite candidly say that it is just beautiful.

I first heard this single a few months ago when reviewing China Bears’ single Hydra (which deservedly earned 4/5 Bytes). I found it on their YouTube channel whilst browsing some of their other material as I genuinely enjoyed their sound. The version I found was recorded live at the Natural History Museum in London, immediately I began to love it. The harmonisation of the band, mingling with the stripped basic sound and beautiful acoustics of the room created a spacious, relaxed and strictly gorgeous melody. This is the version that you simply need to listen to – the single is great, but this is something else. Find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63NIorBqzAU

Following the release of Hydra, where the band members harmonise quite frequently throughout the choruses, I was unsure whether frontman Ivan Proctor had the strength in his voice to carry the next single. The live version of Meet Me in London works just seamlessly as the band resonate with one other. With this single release, all fears have been laid to rest – he certainly has the power to grab the vocals by the throat. It’s also good to see that his singing ability has improved. Again, the harmonisation and co-ordination from all the voices on offer is outstanding in the single. Overall, a great piece.

You’re definitely missing out if you skip this one.

5/5 Bytes

Will Wilkins



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Happy Holidays!



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