A beautiful night began by Colouring and spectacularly topped off by an aesthetically felicitous LANY.

A cold Monday night in Brighton and there I was, ready for the first date of LANY’s UK tour to kick off. The support for the gig was Colouring, a band I had no previous ties with and to be completely honest they went from strength to strength on stage. To begin with the crowd were slightly skeptical, my assumption being they also knew little about the support, but as their set went on the crowd got on board and the band grew in confidence. Their sound fit perfectly with the vibe of the gig, gifting the crowd with exactly what they wanted as a precursor to the main event – a very mellow and emotional collection of songs. For me Colouring didn’t put a foot wrong, they set the crowd up perfectly for what was to come from LANY.

It was time for the main attraction to introduce themselves to us. However, they did this in a slightly unconventional way, playing what almost sounded like a disclaimer basically telling the crowd their worlds were going to be blown by a “spectacle of sound and light” and boy they didn’t disappoint.

LANY frontman Paul Klein personified cool on that night, he had every girl in the crowd in the palm of his hand. Seeing LANY in such an intimate venue (600 person cap) really is the perfect way to experience their music. Before this, my previous engagements with them had only come at festivals, but this was something else, it was so much more personal. I was gripped from the beginning to the end of the set, my only criticism was that it seemed a bit short, one minute the music began the next we were walking out of Concorde 2. So, for me, I would have liked to see LANY make their stage time a little longer. However, I understand that the band need to grow, in time they will release more music and that will allow them to have longer sets – this was the only thing that stopped the night being perfect.

LANY are a great band, one you should certainly check out, if anyone who is reading this is going to see them on any other day of their UK tour I’m extremely jealous because it is going to be a night to remember.

4.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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