Taken straight from the band’s Facebook page, “often described as ‘not bad’, ‘pretty loud’ and ‘I saw them once when I was really drunk’, Georgia Straits have taken the Kingston music scene by storm since their first show in September of 2016.” Whilst GEORGIA STRAITS are nothing entirely revolutionary to the scene, their music is certainly enjoyable and a fun listen.

Speaking in depth, the band describe themselves as ‘energetic,’ which may not necessarily be apparent within this particular song; sure, there’s a catchy beat and some sweet guitar riffs (courtesy of Ian Winkler and Dan Gillis), but the tone of this single overall is pretty relaxed, not entirely as bouncy as I’d expect. Although, just looking at their SoundCloud I can tell that this isn’t a recurring theme (Social Sociopath and City Lights are both very lively.)

The lead vocals on this track are a little lacklustre, feeling a slightly disjointed and split from the ensemble, but this isn’t a totally negative criticism; the lead vocalist, Ian Winkler, has a great sounding voice, just a little more oomph from the diaphragm would go a long way in this style of music.

My final takeaway from this single is overall a positive one; the band still need to develop their sound, but that’s natural for a new group. Just over a year old, they’re finding their feet in the music industry and this is a great start. Keep up the good work and positive attitude and the rewards will reap themselves.

3 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins
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