Dark and brooding in nature but fizzing with energy, Boston Manor shatter expectations with new single Drowned in Gold.

As one of the biggest prospects in the UK scene right now, Boston Manor have been relatively quiet recently. With a series of tours in America, the UK and Europe under their belt, it was about time for some new music. Be Nothing, their 2016 release, was nothing short of excellent. It was evident that the band had evolved since their first EP’s, yet they had still managed to hold onto the sound that had grown so popular among fans. Since a series of tracks which showcased all the facets that the band do so well, it is fair to say that their rise has been impressive. Now, we are met with new single Drowned in Gold which came as a slight surprise, but I am not one to complain.

The track opens with a flurry of guitars and drums which are laid over an eerie sounding progression of notes from a synth pad – an interesting dynamic that immediately peaked my interest. The guitars relinquish their leading duties, being replaced by the vocals of Henry Cox who makes his way through the first verse with his typically pained vocals. With lyrics like “choose a loaded gun inside your pillow case”, it is clear to see that the issues the Blackpudlians have been suffering with throughout their two EP’s and debut album have not ceased. The drums align themselves once more, they build and drag us into the chorus. Holding vocal notes in the fashionable Boston Manor manner, the chorus shatters with energy but leaves us with the capacity to sing along. I am a big fan of both the vigour and mood of this track, it feels dark but doesn’t offer any rest, at every moment you are engaged with the sounds that the band force through your headphones. The breakdown arrives as the vocals become distant for a moment, they are then extinguished by the band who come together once more for the final burst of energy. The song crashes to a conclusion with the distorted vocals of Cox screaming aggressively into the microphone, the drums pound to a close in a similar fashion and we are left with nothing more to do but wait patiently for the song to repeat on loop.

Drowned in Gold is a great song, it has an infectious energy about it and does everything a single needs to do. My attention has been grabbed and I cannot wait for more. I am sure there will be tour announcements and an album date soon which only excites me further. I must also mention the music video, it is simple (and reminds me of Lower Than Atlantis’ video for Here We Go) but so effective. It showcases the dark brooding nature of the song perfectly but also holds onto the fizzing energy of the band. I am excited, if they release an album similar in quality to Be Nothing then I am sure that huge things are coming. Give me more.

4 / 5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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