An atmospheric effort, Eastern Barbers introduce us to Blue Flakes, an excellent example of contemporary blues and brotherly love.

Whilst I hadn’t heard of this band until recently, they’ve been making all the right moves to impose themselves into the right circles. After boasting an appearance at Glastonbury 2016, the band have been encroaching into the spotlight of major outlets – now is definitely the right time to cash into their stock.

I particularly enjoy this track – it radiates positive vibes, creating images with their eccentric repeated guitar hook and thought-provoking lyrics. I have a particular playlist that tends to suit a more urban environment (I’m sure we all do) and these fellas fit right into it. The London quartet is pleasantly smooth, jazzy and ethereal – contrasting their smoggy inspiration – a real delight to the ears and soothing to the mind, only made more enjoyable by the fact that Eastern Barbers is a family band.

This band is quite reminiscent of the xx, and it’s entirely encouraging to imagine that Eastern Barbers could make it as far as the former. As entertaining as they come, you should definitely be listening to Eastern Barbers.

4 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins
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