Indie-pop artist HALLAN submits his first piece to WaveByte; Descent.

HALLAN’s Descent is a great little piece of dream pop, with a sound quite akin to bands such as Turnover or Transit. Art pop, dream pop, emo pop – call it what you will, it’s an interesting genre that seems to be lacking any real substantial content throughout the last few months. HALLAN is a welcome addition to the scene, and it would be great to see him receive a bit more attention.

On his SoundCloud page, HALLAN describes in his biography that reverb is his “one true love”, and this statement rings a little too true. The melodic beat is tranquil, and will certainly get you moving in some way, but I would argue that this song would perhaps benefit from a slight bass boost just to tie the track together. To push this point, Descent is a very soft-core reimagining of post-punk vibes, and fans of that sound will recognise some Siouxsie and the Banshee / Romeo Void influences, especially within the chorus. However, with that small boost to the bass, the sound would surely feel a bit more rounded and complete.

I’d recommend HALLAN to anyone who longs for a bit more of that 80s-alternative atmosphere, and I’ve unquestionably fallen for this style of music. With hope, HALLAN will continue to pursue his project and bring his fans many more pieces to enjoy. Working out the small kinks, this guy could be going places.

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3.5 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.
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