With a detonation of guitar perfection, Tiny Moving Parts throw caution to the wind.

Tiny Moving Parts are a band that everyone should know about, they showcase every attribute that it takes to be fantastic musicians. Their discography is laced with electric tracks that leave you tapping your legs and nodding your head uncontrollably. Having seen the band support The Wonder Years in London earlier on in the year, I have been on a Tiny Moving Parts hype ever since. I urge you to get involved. So, with the release of their latest single Caution, which quite frankly came out of nowhere (it made my Thursday a whole lot better, that’s for sure), I could not wait to dive right into it.

The song opens in uncharacteristic fashion, the progression of gently strummed guitar chords fall into one another. If their 2016 album Celebrate is anything to go by, we would be expecting a more explosive entrance, this is not to say I am disappointed – I have, and continue to love the variety of the band. It doesn’t take long for the drums to join the party; the pace begins to rise to a more familiar speed. Dylan Mattheisen’s vocals become coarse, cutting through the instruments and we start to feel what is brewing – excitement. We are shortly met by a call and response of thrashing guitar, bass and drums which then cease to make room for a phenomenally colourful riff.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, you should make yourself aware of the incredible talent Mattheisen has with his six-string. Most Tiny Moving Parts tracks demonstrate his remarkable proficiency, his finger-tapped riffs set songs alight and operate perfectly with the inputs of the Chevalier brothers in the rhythm section. For this reason alone, a strong argument can be made to suggest that listening to Tiny Moving Parts is nothing short of audible porn.

The chorus is an eruption of said riffage, vocal gymnastics and fast-paced drumming. Mattheinsen’s vocals soar and collapse throughout the song which makes for a fantastic listen and illustrates yet another direction that the band could go take you in. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you realise that by this point you are only 1 minute 20 seconds into the song. The post-chorus sees power ascend. The percussion pulses and couples nicely with the lyrics which repeat the statement that “this is love”. Meanwhile, the backing vocals explore a plethora of notes that increase in pitch as the song progresses. One last scream from Mattheinsen and we are back into that detonation of guitar perfection.

Eventually, the song strips itself back and the breakdown proves to be simple and delicate. Mattheinsen is joined by a female vocalist (not an uncommon occurrence in a TMP song) and both swing through a series of lyrics that declare that “you are caffeine, in my bloodstream” and that “you are the energy hidden in-between two muscles sleeping”. How romantic. After this short interlude, we leave the song in a traditional fashion. All forces reunite and the song reaches its crescendo with a jagged and powerful end.

Caution follows the same blueprint as their previous material, yet their latest release is a breath of fresh air. Tiny Moving Parts always take a different route but end up in banger-city. Their energy is infectious, their music is excellent and Caution is near flawless. I feel as though this track will continue to grow on me, I look forward to the band’s next release. I am on such a buzz, listen and you will be too.

4.5/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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