Real Friends have been a band that have been in my playlists for a couple of years now, having seen them at Slam Dunk in 2016 where lead singer Dan Lambton had vocal troubles, I have been irking to see the band live when they are at full force. So much so I was almost tempted to buy a ticket to see Neck Deep on their most recent run. Their latest single, Get By, has increased my interest. It has been just over a year since the release of their album The Home Inside My Head, an LP that was laced with bangers. I was definitely excited to delve into their new material.

The pace is immediately set by the rigorous guitar and, subsequently, the drums introduce the vocals of Lambton. What ensues is a gaggle of pop-punk lyrics, made unique by the whaling and throaty vocal adventures of the singer. As we complete the opening verse, the pre-chorus poises us to with the lyrics, “broken and careless” which are followed by the dance of a flurry of guitar chords.

The chorus is what makes this song impressive. The energy is shifted into a new gear and we are blown through a series of pained lyrics, here, head nodding and foot tapping is compulsory. This pattern repeats twice before we are met with the breakdown. “Broken apologies” is thrown around by Lambton which is coupled by the stomping drums and the guitars respond with crunching chord progressions. A soft rendition of one of the lead lyrics, “you’ll get by while I get better”, then becomes lost behind some delicately playful guitar and the track is back into full swing. The song ends with the same punch it starts with. It does not surprise me that they have chosen to release this track as a lead single for whatever direction their music is moving in.

Some of the previous releases from the band have struck me as being a little disjointed, it feels like there is no way I can make that assessment of this track. I want to make it clear that I don’t mean this as a critique of the band, their sound has always been a little quirky in comparison to other bands of a similar ilk, however with this track it feels as though it is a more finished product. Get By is a good song.

Real Friends, as they always have, ooze with potential. Their unorthodox lyricism and fast-paced musical sound is executed perfectly by the band, the new single Get By is testament to this. Most importantly they are something different, in a saturated genre Real Friends are a breath of fresh air. I urge you to check out this single, fan or not, you’ll understand.

3.75/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite

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