An escalation of emotion, The Xcerts triumph again with Hold On To Your Heart

After their latest two releases, Feels Like Falling in Love and Daydream, I was sure that The Xcerts would continue to impress with their newest single, Hold On To Your Heart. The band have been on a tear recently, being featured on Radio 1 and hosting an impressive UK tour, I am so glad people are finally giving the band the recognition that they deserve. The Xcerts have released even more UK dates alongside this single – setting up an exciting new year with fresh material and yet more musical magic to witness at one of their live shows.

The opening lines of Hold On To Your Heart are softly introduced by the phenomenally smooth vocals of Murray Macleod, a sharp “woo” cuts through the guitar and the drums increase to bring the party. We reach the chorus which boasts a high pitch note, pulling us into the passionate cries of “hold on to your heart”. The breakdown distances Macleod’s vocals behind synths and a screen of atmospheric sounds and then before long his voice bursts back into the speakers with the heart wrenching lyric: “I keep falling asleep without you”. The song crescendos at its conclusion, it feels as though the piece is one big escalation of emotion.

Lyrically this track is delicate, coming to terms with loss and the feeling of being incomplete. The lyric “you found heaven and I found her” is particularly profound, it triggered every creative fibre in my body. The band do a perfect job in painting the exact message behind their songs. With Daydream and Feels Like Falling in Love the message is certainly benevolent, their latest track showcases the other side of the band. They can do anything.

As this track shares the title for their newest album I am encouraged by the direction they are going in. All three of their releases have been incredibly tight. Having seen the band stun a sold-out Scala a few weeks back (where our own Aaron Jackson caught up with the band: I have been on a resurged Xcerts buzz, one that hasn’t excited me so much since circa. 2013 when I first started listening to the band. Their performances at Scala and 2000trees are some of my fondest musical memories, I love this band and I am so excited to hear the new album. The Xcerts have done it again.

4/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite

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